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Take one final look

Do one final check to make sure everything looks right.
Take a step back to see how everything looks together. Arrange all the topics in the order that makes the most sense. This is also a good time to take one last look at the sequence and timings of your training session.
Check for the following:
Are there any important Topics that are missing? Are you trying to cover too much in your session? Go back to to update them.
Are there too many Activities (or too few) planned for each Session, assuming there around 1-hour each? Go back to to modify them a bit.
Is there a good mix of ‘Activity Types’ in each Session? Go back the page if you need to move some Activities around.

Organize the topics into sections so the activities all flow in a logical order, and assign each topic to a section number (Section #). Move topics around by hovering over to the left of any row until the cursor turns into a hand, then drag it up and down to move it where you want it.

SiNing’s Pro Tips

Collaboration and task tracking - Use the to ask them for more information or ask for updates on how content development is going.

Topic Sequencer
Part #
Activity Name
Activity Type
Duration (mins)
Top 10 motivators for purchasing electric scooters
'Ice Breaker’
5 mins
Top 5 pain points that electric scooters solve for
'Pick out the Pain Point’
15 mins
Top 5 pain points that electric scooters solve for
'Script Scattegories’
Breakout Discussions
30 mins
There are no rows in this table

Now, it’s time to

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