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Now, for the fun part—creating ways to make learning fun and 'sticky'
This is where you can get creative and think about to make learning clear, engaging, relevant, and impactful to our performance outcomes. For each Topic, add 1-2 Activities to help Learners learn, reinforce, recall, and relate Topic to real-world examples. Add time estimates, activity notes, and start assigning owners to develop each activity.
To add a new Activity, just click the plus sign (+) in the Topic you’d like to add it to. To add new Topics, go back to the Topics Organizer on the page.

SiNing’s Pro Tips

Think of Activities as short bursts of learning—no more than 10 minutes at a time. This keeps Learners engaged and helps with retention. Developing effective learning activities is part ‘science’, part ‘art’, and part ‘trial and error’.
Time estimates - How much time might the activity would take? Consider the time it takes to set up technology or divide into teams/breakout groups.
Activity Notes - Here’s where you can describe Learner options for in-person, participate via video, or watch recorded session. To learn more about hybrid learning solutions, check out this developed after the COVID-19 impact on learning experiences.
Assets Required - List any content or deliverables you’ll need to prepare in advance. List these as bullet points by typing an asterisk (*) before each item and pressing Shift + Enter on your keyboard for each new line item.
Owners - People who can help research, delegate, plan, or develop each Activity

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind before you launch into brainstorming mode:
Applicable - The activity should be well-aligned to the Learning Outcomes and be relevant to real-life, everyday situations.
Active - Whether it’s a reflective, solo activity or dynamic team exercise, make sure that is taking place, so learners are doing something cognitively and physically. The more challenging, the more things will stick.
Alter - Whatever you do—don’t keep doing the same thing. Frequently change the ‘Activity Types’ to keep Learners engaged and to reinforce new concepts in different ways. For example, you could start with a ‘Quiz’ game or ‘Video Clip’ to grab people’s attention, then go into a 5 minute intro ‘Talk.’ Some can be in-person, online, or asynchronous—it’s up to you.

Refer to tried and true tools like the or for ideas on digital/online activities and to keep learning active, social, and applied.
Explore the to ensure your learning experience covers every aspect of ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of learning experiences and is learner-focused.

Add an Activity
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Activity Name
Activity Type
Duration (mins)
Activity Notes
Assets Required
Top 10 motivators for purchasing electric scooters
'Ice Breaker’
5 mins
Learners race to respond ‘True’ or ‘False’ to customer purchase motivators in a fast-paced ‘Kahoot-styled’ game
Slides or Kahoot! questions
SiNing Chan
Top 5 pain points that electric scooters solve for
'Pick out the Pain Point’
15 mins
Each pair is given a script they need to read aloud as a roleplay between customer & the salesperson. Everyone else tries to be the first to call out the underlying pain point.(or submit a response in Chat)
Roleplay scripts
Lauren Struthers
'Script Scattegories’
Breakout Discussions
30 mins
In groups of 2-3, come up with as many responses as you can to each of the 5 pain points. Then reconvene as a large group. Those with the most unique responses are awarded points.
John Scrugham

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