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Assemble your team

Gather a group of experts who’ll help you reach your goals
Decide who you want on your training development team and what roles each of them will play. Start by inviting 2-3 individuals for each of the following roles:

SiNing’s Pro Tips

Start by reviewing the performance goal on the previous page to remind yourself who’d be able to add the most value to your team.
Different roles are required at different phases of the process:
At the start of the process, you’ll want to involve more Consultants, especially when conducting your needs analysis to understand the learner audience
Towards the middle of the process when you’re ready to brainstorm Learning Activities, you’ll need reliable Creators to build the content and assets
Towards the end of the process, you’ll want to connect with your Coaches so they can start learning the content and be ready to facilitate learning activities. Most people want to sign up as Coaches to present and facilitate, but encourage as many of these folks as possible to help as Creators

What’s the ideal number of people on a team?
The number of people on each team depends on the size of the learner group and the complexity of the topic. Too few people on team and it’ll be less representative of the audience. Too many, and it’ll slow the process down.
Color coding
White background - People you’ve invited, but who haven’t responded yet (‘Invited’ checked)
Green background - People who’ve responded to your invitation and have confirmed their participation (‘Joining’ checked)
Dark Gray background - People who have declined your invitation and won’t be able to help out this time (’Declined’ checked)

Add a consultant
Add a coach
Add a creator
Forming the Team
Member Name
People who are reliable, enthusiastic about the topic, energized by people, and skilled in presentation & facilitation of large and small groups.
Maria Marquis
People who are recognized as top performers, content experts, or both. They can clearly articulate what skills, structures, and processes it takes to do the job.
SiNing Chan
People who are skilled written and/or visual communicators and can help turnaround high-quality deliverables quickly.
Lauren Struthers

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