DIY Training Toolkit
Develop your lesson plan

Identify one issue

Choose one key performance-related issue to focus on
Start by listing 2-3 key performance-related issues your organization needs to address, select the one issue you think the training session can tackle, then develop a clear vision for what you want the training to achieve.
SiNing’s Pro Tips
It’s usually not too difficult for most teams or organizations to come up with a long list of performance issues to address. There are always more opportunities for people to learn and improve as employees or customers.
The real challenges are:
Knowing which one of the many performance issues to focus on
Identifying what the performance goal—the ideal state—what we think people should be doing or should be able to do

Use the worksheet on this page to help you come up with a Performance Issue and a Performance Goal:
Performance Issue & Goals - identify one performance issue the training content should focus on. Restate this issue as a
@Performance Goal
as a clear, concrete, measurable outcome.

It’s a good idea to a sponsor who not only can help you identify the focus and the goal of your training, they have the authority to provide you the budget, resources, advocacy, and exposure you’ll need when you launch the learning experiences.
Reasons For’ or ‘Reasons Against’ - These are your pros and cons. Consider factors such as:
Impact: The number of people a fix/improvement may impact (the more people impacted, the higher the priority)
Data: Is there existing data/research to support your reasons?
Effort: Has there been significant effort/progress already being made? Existing champions/sponsors already in place?
Alignment: Is the issue directly related to a top company/organization priorities at the moment?
Performance Issue and Goals Worksheet
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Performance Issue
Performance Goal
Reasons For
Reasons Against
Account Executives are struggling to close accounts, thus falling short on quarterly sales targets.
Account Executives close 30% of their sales qualified leads.
The companies ARR is directly tied to our quarterly sales.

We should invest in retention before we bring in more new customers

We’re currently losing customers on the bottom of the funnel due to recent customer support inefficiencies.
Describe outcomes...
Why a priority now

Why it can wait

Issue 3
Describe outcomes...
Why a priority now

Why it can wait

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