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Who can join us?

Educated and english speaking people are our 1st priority:
This group is neglected by NGO, charity, companies and gov.
This group is targeted only for selling and making profits.
We need to help educated english speaking people, because no one is helping them in this planet.
Anyone who wants to have better quality of life:
Anyone who wants to have better world for better future: we need to start now.

What should we give to join? Its free to join. PRO → coffee/day

is worth spending for highly valued education that helps u in real world for lifetime, don’t miss this chance.
the education here is so crisp, detailed, and useful in real life only,
There are no assumptions in our learning programmes, only outcomes, and reality.
learn about all things that affect your life.
money, insurance, loans, business with family, friends, agreements,
habits, routines,
The basics of LIFE: All people on this planet use them for lifetime, so why not learn from mistakes of others, and lessons from people who learnt already instead of experimenting for 100 years?

Ward number: coming soon
Pincode based: coming soon.

One earth:

India. karnataka. bangalore : now.
States: coming soon.
Cities: coming soon.


Others can also benefit from us:
MSME group for english speaking people : a group.
MSME group for nonenglish speaking: we provide special assistance in future.

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