Sustainability : true one

EV cycle: yes, only if bike is replaced by it. or car.
Cycle: 100% better than anything.
Ev bike? may or may not, as making involves high carbon footprint and battery lifetime matters a lot.
EV battery pack: if it lasts 20-30 years then good, but its not good if battery pack lasts <15 years.
ICE engine car: so many use 20-50 years cars too, because they are maintained well, but cannot be true with batteyr vehicle, it dies after some time, becuase of battery, waste of money.
EV in commercial: good
EV in public transport: good
EV for public office transport: good
Solar street lights: reduce footprint and also money print of tax payers.
Water filters in all gov related things: saves money footprint: 1000 shops can donate them, get lifetime free ad. we take 25% of costs saved to maintain them, and also do similar good things in future.

new battery that lasts longer, cheaper to make and light weight.
Roof tops for lease or profit sharing
gov offices for lease or profit sharing

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