society good Guide.

What is ur duty in it?
What is ur rights?
what are ur responsibilities?

Gov servants. Private entities. Charities. Inter gov orgs:

Public servants: high category admins
and others.
Public office employees:
Charity | nonprofit |
Activism by anyone:
Inter gov orgs:

Understanding concepts:

Loan taken by governments
Freebies promised by politicians

Accountability of ur money, my money and our money: Where all our money is going, 🤔

Tax money: where it is spend? war or donations or gone like that?
Money made by public companies from government:
Money borrowed:
Subsidy and its scams:
CSR scams:
Charity scams:
Donations and where they are spent?
Companies are in loss always despite we paying huge price for products.

We need:
consumer centric society.
We as consumers, owners need better services.

Why work in India now?
It is land of opportunities. because full of problems. in every 100meters u can find problems.
You find problems, disgust, un-happy feelings when u just start walking 1kilometer on any road in India.

Our future solutions: we are going minimal, small and easy to adapt, change and fast to move things only.
Micro cities.
micro villages
micro towns
micro societies
micro managed farms
cycle network
buggy network :all are private vehicle of company not owned by public or gov.

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