Funds we need for

Local development : ur membership money
local development: ur spendings on our platform
Shops give us : for local dev
Schools, colleges and other B gives for : Local development


Plastic, aluminium, glass materials : we need to process them locally into small bits or whatever needed to make it easy movable. Upcycle, re-purpose etc.
Donate paper, books from all schools:
Donate us anything u don’t want, we handle rest.

Money : Business deals: with % share:

Money: our own products on fb and others via resell or dropship, pod etc:

Gym pushup board.
gym equipment
gym bands
gym mats
meditation guide, tools to know: myths busted here.
lcd boards in home must to focus.
weekly planners
monthly planner
daily planner

Our revenue via:
blog based:
Our merch:
our classes, and courses:

Private label: coming soon.

Exclusive services: our merch or anything only Lovians store: based on levels.
reduction of things.
cost cutting

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