Other services:

Weight loss drink services: online programme.
Weight grain programme: drink subscription.
Wifi backup:
wifi for community:

Laptops: get 2000rs margin in each.
Tables: get 350-700 margin.
Office chairs:

must haves:

Bulk order:
Water bottle
Snacks for distribution

Our partners:
Real estate companies.
The free website guys
Buy me a coffee
| substack also charge 10%. Medium takes 50%.

Ads: and partnerhsips
on display counter foot in all shops: cult.fit, and other can promote here. or donate us.
vision charts by lenskart for vision check, and manual.
eat fit cult fit : can donate gym equipment and launch virtual sessions courses: 1000/yr.
shops can get banner ads:
Cycle donation:
Donate gym kit:
donate Internet for orphans:
Join Internet sharing community:
Join gym share community:

Lovianized : approved by Lovian. stay bliss.

Things that are high rev:
Business plans with rev share, and our portal to sell with % share in rev:
Real estate
Used electronics: fridge, washing machine, laptops, mobiles.
Used shop Setup:
Shops: rev increase plan, profit increase, cost cutting.
Home based business plans:
night time sales:
cook for others snacks: highly profitable niche: care for oil, items used.
vending machines B setup:
Food on vending machines:
Juice vending machine:
Protein shake vending machine:

Info to collect from shop:
do you need money help?
do you need help in financing goods?
Do you need other income opps?
Are you ready to partner for making more money?

Rental homes:
noise polution is more in bangalore.
dust pollution if u travel in bike.
and dogs.
powercuts, backup.
people who live in locality.
noisy kids, noisy stupid announcements, and such things.
garbage pickup available or no.

Exclusive services :
Established titles on and lovian affiliated sites only. Buy a title for 35$ yes. upto 100k$, 1mln $ : give this to all youtubers who refer them.
blank page: create ur life, pay ur own price NFT. we release it only when u pay.
blue tick :
golden tick:
king maker:
sustainable certifications from lovian:
society good company by lovian: spend on local dev, or give to us 2%.
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