lovian website needs now

Home page tweaks a little.
A form asking about problems, and submit to join.

My Powers: as Lovian .
My voice is respected, my choices are considered, and now I am proud to say I am making world better. I make change happen now.
Request : amenities, standards from lovian
request groups.
request learning courses
request services.
I need peace in my area

Paid services: explore here. buy or group buy.
Report: problems.
Decide or vote on:

What else can I do? Know trends, updates, and discuss here.
Join groups.
Read our special blogs
Join forum.
Join whatsapp communities

As a lovian members, I learn how to change world, and I become the change. Together we create world we like in small circles.
One day small circles join together to form big circle of network.

Now we form circles virtually.
In near future we form circles physically.

After survey:
show thankyou page, and also show take membership,
or contribute to us page.

Future forms: Location auto-fill.

Now report a cow, pothole etc:
request: no pollution. sound, dust, garbage, and others.
request: no indoor pollution.

Courses coming soon: vote for them or join waitlist.
All are based on minimalism, simplicity, and sustainability.
Detox and purify home environment: air pollution, smoke from cooking, chemical pollution in home
Light in work, home:
Reduce home bills: switch to smart electronics.
personal finance:
The true minimalism guide
Real sustainable person

Contribute to me:

free ways:
paid ways:

trash .
money too.

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