Send a mail to us, we have jobs to sell you, but we don’t do blind sales, u need to pass our psychology test. yes. only psychologically fit people can become our employees.
No religious extremism, open minded person, adapt to new things, learning is lifetime, work should be play means u focus on learning watching about the work u do if u love it in free time.

Apply for job with 1000rs, live test with live HR, so it costs us money to Interview you.
Apply for Internship
Apply for volunteer
Apply for ambassador.
Reserve for ur kids in future with learning modules from us.
Apply for scholarships : 250rs.
Apply for awards, recognition : entry fee.
Vote for awards with money, or free.
Apply for Lovian World records. We consider existing records as database, so don’t plan existing things, we verify and give you Records, this is to respect the Ideas of past people.
Lovian innovation AKA heart is 10x faster, and better than existing college Innovation.
In lovian, we don’t do repetitive procedures of same experiment for getting grades.
In lovian, experiments are always new, new to world wide audience not one college or one city. Our online tech platform provides students and researchers with data what researches to focus on, and what is needed by society from you.
We do researches to help real world locally and also globally.
Its better to help street sellers by giving them tech or ev’s or support in any way to help them and also help economy, than making a physics experiment to get nominated for oxford.
We are always competing with one experiment or two, and millions do same experiment every year, expecting they can go to reputed university, but what is next after all education? Real life.
If you don’t understand real life, you are Uneducated with all education.
Our research is focussed on creating circular economies, and also tech that helps it.
We will make innovation available to all.
We will bring spirit of Innovation to many people.
we will ease the journey of entrepreneurship.

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