Life choices to swap based on needs: Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is .........

21st century Illiterate:
We don’t need poverty alleviation, but we need better life for you as active citizen:
21st century poor people: Middle class not poor class, Middle class and upper middle class are going towards poverty.
Poor class people gets subsidy, offers, and have less expenses and have savings too:
Most middle class, high class poor have : 0 savings, no assets, no own home, no own vehicles, no life skills to live under extreme conditions,
Active citizens: have active democracy, active life, better society.
pay taxes, spend, work,
and be active in society.

Passive citizens:
go with flow,
no control over their life,
someone else will decide everything in their life, or most things.
examples: Most of time behaviour not once in a month or week.
people who always want subsidy from government,
people who want freebies from government or others,
people who want someone to give them free home.
They do nothing to society - except being low carbon footprint, Its not +ve for progress, Innovation.
no contribution. May be miniscule.

Now you are in semi-Active stage: uncertain of ur potential, and are supressed by rich, Powerful and wealthy elites for their own greed.
We need +ve society, progressive society,
We need people who have goals, dreams, and want to achieve them.
If you are angry about anything in society, u should join this. best place to be angry.

Chocolates: what kind are best and good to eat daily 5-10 eating people.
Diabetes not caused by sugar alone,
Oil swap.
cooking methods: bake, boil, steam better than all other methods.
harmful cooking methods: deep fry, cheap deep fry with chemical oils,
Unseen things that harm you everyday:
chemicals in oils.
toxins in ur cleaners
toxins in ur bathing soaps,
toxins in ur perfume, room spray,
toxins on ur body via food.
toxins on ur skin, via detergent used.
Drinking in paper cup? be ready for plastic dump in ur body.
eating on newspapers? cancer is chasing u.
Standing beside smokers areas: cancer is chasing u.

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