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homePage with prelaunch offer: signup for free, generally 1000rs. Freedom plan.
Support with memberships. all ur memberships money will be used for building entities, for better world.
Launching on Aug 11.
Pre-launch : now u can join for free.
report problems, needs, join groups. get more benefits inside.
Delegate tasks to volunteers and ambassadors and partners:
partnering with others.
state wise groups.
country groups.
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you learn for pennies: simple, KISS, problem solving, minimal.
We are also lazy to teach and learn, so we guarantee that lessons are short, and easy to remember and easy to implement.
learnings will help u save more, earn more, and have better society around you.
your quality of life improves.
Contribute to us:
If u want a better world.
If u have problems.
Vote for causes u want to implement in society:
cycling lanes
internet for all
protein for all
nutrition for all
refer and earn:
rewards in platform:
Crypto : coming soon
Contribute to us:
Our solutions:
Charity, CSR : Impact 10x to 100x more Now.
Government money saving: government bodies can save our tax. with our solutions.
Money flow:
Work: or karma:
my skill:

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Be lovian:
Spread love
spread +ve
spread acceptance
spread problem solving nature
Win prizes:
social posting
video making
event oranizing
Night watch services: night patrol : hire existing watchmens on partTime @ half pay. : Start from April.
Electronics scrap, other scrap: book us.
Donate unwanted things for free:
Find tax on:
Memberships sold to USA.
Pages design:
Comingsoon : in dialogue box
sneek peek: show future.
release: release product.
Dynamic sections.
Area wise.
Goto schools, colleges: ask students and teachers both.
goto offices:
goto clubs:
goto malls:
Marketing stuff:
Invite governments:
Challenge companies and govs to match our speed.
Lovian standards:
Pure standards made by people, for people.
We believe in :
carbon foot print
other footprints no one speaks about.
circular economy : creating one micro-community at a time.
Be part of active world:
Pay sin tax
pay welfare tax
Say what you want.

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How much I can make?
Make 30,000 permonth with from India.
Make 1000$/month on from India, referring foreigners to lovian.org.
Easily make 15000 per month by helping 30 people in a month.
earn recurring revenue.
Earn money groups: learn how to earn.
curated lists:
I dont want to bring my kids into this destroying society or civilization: now watch answers for this.
I don’t want to marry because world is gonna end soon.
I don’t want to work, because its useless work.
I don’t feel satisfied with my life, is answer.
What can I do ?
create micro community
create impact in ur community: “ Start slowly with low money, and see how better u feel each day.”
a 100rs to 200rs can create huge memorable impact in ur surroundings.
U can donate a dumb bell, or u can contribute to a public bench, community amenities that stays for years to come in future.
gym needs.
Internet needs.
Vehicle needs.
Accessories need.
Repair kits.
Celebrate Impact:
Celebrate good things:
get recognized.
Earn money. love. respect. and community that always be there for you.
Be a sponsor: giver of things now.
Contribute anything u like, no need to pay us. We show u what we need, u can directly buy for us, or pay for us.
Enroll for: Request amenities, collab, funds, help, report too.................
Vote for:
We need this:
For pgs and all, we take fee from staying ppl to cover future maintenance costs.
I can give this: donor etc.
Individual can also request amenities, but mention, if its PG, apartment or Individual building. need > 5ppl who can pay. depends on what is need.
Amenities available.
Shops: can get certificate of good by paying monthly, daily 50rs only. get more $ too.
verified goodness.
verified ......

Offices: too need to follow our guidelines.

CTA: standards | certifications
create rules u like
create society u like
say bye to stupid rules, lets introduce new standards. Lovian standards.

The sustainability reality check: have so many metrics apart from carbon footprint.
Rebadged EVs: sold as made in India: Un-sustainable.
product sold at 2x higher price than normal just because they are organic, sustaiable etc: Un-sustaiable.
Product bought from > 100kms or from outer cities: un
Brands show u one side carbon footprint:
carbon footprint in making: most shown metric
carbon foot print in packing:
money u paid extra is double work means more carbon footprint.


Be active.
Active citizen.
1 earth: 1 citizenship:
1 world order:
1 help line:
1 community : for all needs.
Egg: virtual
chicken: virtual
virtual: wallpapers
virtual: part in blog.

Lovians are wise beings:
U become wise in no time.
Buying EV is not sustainable.
Buying organic is not good always.
battery tech now is un-sustainable:
I can use my ICE vehicle made 100 years back with some repairs, but EV vehicle cannot be used after 5-10 years. need to change battery pack

Innovation center: at works here.
#1 Innovation center build by public, for public, always for good of public only.
Problem solving center
research development and business center
HEART ( that helps society around it)
Donate in memory of ,
in love of Inscriptions,
for good life and health of.............

Lovian locality advice : get peaceful, meaningful places to move on.
Lovian amenities:
lovian approved areas:
Lovian night watch secured places:
Lovian secured camera areas:

What are we?
Public survey
Learning academy
Real sustainable society creation

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Chingari premium and using it.
steem it

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