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script 1:
We Invite you to attend the worlds 1st event?
Join us to create world you love to live.
Presented by lovian.org.
bringing you, the new platform, to unite all of you.
Unite here to bring change.
On event day: we release our new app.
And also create new opportunities to all of you.
We mark this as new beginning of new Age or new civilization that modern society needs.
What we do in this events?
participate in survey.
Request what you want : lovian center, ameniteis, circles, etc.
Tell us what u want.
challenges : that change ur life for good:
Money: where u should spend.
simple changes in life.
How much u spend on Real education that helps u until u die?

Web copy essentials:
logo. rating widget.
best for:
Professionals, Students, educated people.
Others too get partial benefits.
Basic LTD
Pro LTD 5 year, 1yr, monthly :
Pro lifetime ltd until death: the golden ticket.

what is it, exactly?

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