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Health for all # :
Weight machine
height machine
vision charts.
good food at affordable prices
Avoid harmful places like smokers places.
Laptop for all # :
Primebook : partner with them to give for kids. just 17000rs.
Under special control panel for us to give ads, via push notifications, and remove bloatware,
install our apps by default. light weight PWA only.
Custom made primeBook.
Real life education for all :
Basics of money.
basics of active citizen
basics of bank working.
wealth making
Housing for all: house that looks great, and have all necesssary things.
Rented house for all: with all proper ameniteis:
Non-ventilated homes.
No ventilation near stove area: BIG NO. it damages ur brain.
Noisy areas : u cannot sleep, and u always feel tired, and u cannot work.

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