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Let’s get together and bring your wedding to life. In addition to working through the Portal, we’ll meet with you four times ahead of the big day. Here’s a rundown of what we’ll accomplish together.

1. Wedding planning meeting

🗓️ Four months out
👥 In person
Make the big decisions with us. This is the moment we dive into your ideas, answer your burning questions, offer you personalized advice, and work through the choices you’ve made and add to them. We're so excited to get started!

2. Details call

🗓️ Six weeks out
☎️ Phone/video call
Personalize every detail. During this call, we’ll focus in on the nitty gritty so your wedding feels like you. Together, we’ll revisit every decision you’ve made and solidify any outstanding choices.

3. Final meeting

🗓️ Ten days out
👥 In-person or ☎️ phone/video call
Let’s lock things down, your wedding is just around the corner! In this meeting, we’ll review every last detail and finalize any lingering decisions.

4. Rehearsal

🗓️ Day before
👥 In-person
Rehearsal time. We’ll block a 60-minute time slot with your wedding party and family to practice the ceremony. Now’s the time for your coordinator to shine. They’ll lead the rehearsal, directing everyone through the ceremony, and then collect your personal décor for the big day.
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