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Start the party

Get everyone on their feet and dancing to some tunes. We’ll connect you with our preferred DJs for a brief 15-30-minute chat to set your vibe expectations.

Sound set-up

With our recommended DJ/MC, you’ll have a top-notch sound system and mic for your event. Need extra gear? Just say the word, and we’ll send you the extra fee information.

Tunes tips

• Trust your DJ. They’ll keep the vibes up by switching the song order, tailoring the sound, or hitting the right notes for dancing.
• Prioritize your faves. Let your DJ know the order you want your favorites to play in—or if you want them on repeat.
• Talk guest requests. If you want your guests to participate, tell your DJ when and how many song requests they should do.
• Set some ground rules. We all don’t like certain songs, so be sure to give your DJ a list of the tracks you definitely don’t want played.

Sharing your playlist

Open your playlist
Hit the three dots
Press share
Copy link
Paste it into your music worksheet


Apple Music
Open your playlist
Tap the three dots
Press share playlist
Copy Link
Paste it into your music worksheet. These steps are the same on mobile or desktop.

Music recommendations


Want some help curating your playlist? We got you. Have a dance party at home with our favorites to get inspired.
Processional Music Examples
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