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Décor adds your personality to the wedding. We’re firm believers in ignoring the trends and going for things you’ve always loved. This could be your favorite colors, flowers, or small mementos that hold meaning in your relationship. Get started by taking the style quiz and creating your Design & Inspo board.

Ceremony décor

Set the stage for your wedding. Most couples like to make their vows in a beautiful setting, and while some ceremony sites don’t require much, we’ve outlined some décor options in the Planning Questionnaire.

Altar décor

Dress up your altar. Your venue offers one or more arches to choose from, and then you can customize it with florals, lighting (think: chandelier), or elegant draping.

Aisle décor

Make your aisle unforgettable. From lining it with florals or setting up lanterns, there are many creative ways to add some finishing touches to your walkway.

GalwayDowns-Details-TiffanyValentino-2016-WedgewoodWeddings004 (2).jpg

Chair décor

Seat with style. You can add functional details like programs and fun adornments such as little bouquets to your ceremony chairs. Lots of couples also like to get their guests involved in the ceremony by providing rose petals for them to throw as you walk down the aisle officially as a couple.

Wedding signage

Greet your guests with personality. Wedding signage is used for everything from welcoming your party and directing them around the venue to introducing your signature drink.

Reception décor

Carry the mood into your reception. We’re talking tablescapes, chairs, accent lighting, and seating arrangements. So here’s a rundown of everything that will be included in your Planning Questionnaire.


Build your tablescape from the ground up. Every detail counts when it comes to curating a table that fits your vibe and becomes a feast for the eyes. Let’s get started.


Start at the base—aka the table. Our packages keep it classic with included round tables and your choice of linens, but if you want a more rustic feel, you can upgrade to our farmhouse tables.

Table linens

Add texture to your tabletop. Whether you’re incorporating your wedding colors or going for a minimalist look, linens are a fun way to anchor your tablescape.
We include our house linens in the BYO, Classic, and Premier Packages, pictured below as standard linens, and you can choose between ivory or white. Our Elite Package includes full-length linens and a full spectrum of hues. Remember, you can always add Elite linens to your package as a one-off to throw some color in.
Layering overlays and runners is another way to add a pop of color or visual depth. Talk to your venue team for color options and browse our Event Enhancements page to get pricing.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 3.21.49 PM.png


Color and folding time. Just like table linens, napkins are a playful way to add personality with fun colors and special folds.
diff napkin folds graphic like table linen graphic
photo options for backup

Flatware, dishes, glassware, and chargers

Set your table. Your venue includes traditional silver-colored flatware (e.g., forks, spoons, knives), white plates, and clear glasses. If you want to customize, work with one of our specialty rental vendors to find unique pieces that match your style. Your venue team will have some samples for you to play with at your planning meeting.
Charger plates are decorative plates used as the base of your place setting—just like a placemat. The dinner plate is placed on top of the charger plate. They’re included in the Elite package and can always be added on as a one-off or rented from our specialty vendors.

Table centerpiece

Draw the eye. With centerpieces being our favorite way to tie everything together, we offer a range of options in our different packages. There’s a DIY option in one package; a mirror, lantern, and candle display in our Classic Package; and with our Premier and Elite Packages, you’ll work with our in-house florist to build a custom floral centerpiece.
You can always add to your centerpiece by renting additional items from our specialty rentals vendor.

Set the scene

Did we get your wheels turning on a personality plus tablescape for your wedding? I know it may seem like a lot of tiny details, but if you look at each detail one-by-one you’ll be able to build a tablescape that is truly you! And of course, if you’re ever feeling stressed or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your venue team. We’re here to help!
Here are a few articles for more ideas and inspiration.

Finishing touches

Let’s complete your vibe with a few lingering details. From chairs to ambience lighting, these finishing touches will bring it all together.


Take a seat. The venue provides chairs that are solid, comfortable, and easy on the eyes, but if you have something different in mind, just upgrade to our Elite chairs, which are included in the Elite package.

Accent lighting

Create a dreamy ambiance. Light is an impactful tool to highlight certain things and set a celebratory feel in the room. Uplights are placed on the ground around the room to reflect light off the walls to transform your reception space and can be color-adjusted for dancing.

Seating arrangement

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