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Wedding Package Questions

Is there a different price for children?

Depending on your package, anyone between four and twenty will receive a discount. Children three and under are free. (Be sure to let us know how many infants there are for seating purposes.)

What is the administration fee?

All of our services are subject to an administrative fee and sales tax. Our 22% administrative fee is used to pay for the administration of our expansive package offerings and to provide our team members with a wage that doesn’t depend on client tips or gratuities.

Can our guest count change?

Definitely! You’re welcome to adjust your guest count throughout the planning process. We ask for your final guaranteed guest count and your final payment based on that count ten days before your event date. We use this number to order food and linens, schedule the banquet team, etc. After your final meeting: If your guest count goes up, let us know as soon as possible, and that will become your new guaranteed guest count. You’ll be charged for the original guaranteed amount if your count goes down. If the number of guests at your wedding is more than the guaranteed count, you’ll be charged for the additional guests.

Do we need our own insurance?

We do not require you to have any additional insurance. We have comprehensive building liability insurance. If you decide to get wedding insurance, check Bliss Benefits for exclusive discounts.

Planning Process Questions

Can we customize our package?

Yes! Most people make at least a few personalization's to their package. We can customize your chosen package as we go through the planning process, although it may be more difficult to change things as we get closer to your wedding date. Services that require vendors like florists, bakers, and DJs may require advanced notice. Take a look at all of our enhancements

Can we choose our own florist/baker/DJ?

If your package includes these items, our recommended vendors are covered. You can remove services from your package and bring in an independent vendor. We ask that you use professional vendors. Bakers and DJs must provide a business license and proof of liability insurance coverage. If price is your main concern, we’ve already negotiated on your behalf to provide the most significant value and quality with our recommended vendors.

Can we use our own decorations?

Sure! We love it when couples bring in personal touches and DIY projects—just make sure you run everything you plan to use by us beforehand to ensure all elements are approved. For example, confetti, fake petals, and open flames are a no-no. We can advise you about what sort of décor would work well with your vision and theme!

How many hours in advance do we have access to the facility on our wedding day?

We can always guarantee one hour before your start time. Anything earlier than that is based on availability. This can be arranged at your six-week Details Call and confirmed at your final meeting ten days before your event.

What type of audio-visual equipment do you have?

We provide one microphone, a projection screen, and a robust sound system. You may provide your own or rent additional equipment through an independent contractor if you have additional needs. Your DJ may also have rental options available.

Invitation Questions

How soon will we receive our order?

Most invitation orders are printed, packaged, and shipped within 5-7 business days. Standard ground shipping is included in your package.

How soon should we mail our invitations?

Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding, giving guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. If it’s a destination wedding, give guests more time and send your invites three months before your wedding. Most couples also send save-the-date cards, which go out six months to a year before your big day.

We’re having an adults-only wedding (no kids). How can we make this clear to our guests?

Address your invitations correctly - to each guest by name, not “and guest." Guests should understand that the invite is meant for only those mentioned. You may also note “Adult-only reception to follow” on your invitation.

Do we have to invite every guest with a date or plus-one?

No! Inviting guests solo is perfectly acceptable if they aren’t married or in a serious relationship. Most guests will understand that an invite without ‘and Guest’ or another name means a plus-one is not invited.

Will we need extra postage to mail our invitations?

Each invitation is unique by size and weight and by what additional items you place inside. The best way to figure this out is to put your invitation together with a response card, map, etc., and take it to your local post office to have it weighed. They will be able to tell you if it will take extra postage or not. Postage costs are not included in your wedding package.

Do you print invitations in languages other than English?

Yes. We can print your wording in any language that uses the English alphabet. There is an additional charge for invitations and enclosure cards. Please note in the special instructions field (found for each item under the ‘Add Special Instructions’ tab) stating the wording you want in the preferred language, ensuring capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. We will print exactly what you send us in the typestyle you choose. If the language you’re using to print your invitations does not use the English alphabet, please contact 866.941.7684, and our invitation partner, Tatex, will do all they can to help.

Cake & Dessert Questions

How big will my wedding cake be?

Your wedding cake will be appropriately sized to feed everyone based on the final guest count you give us ten days before the wedding during your final meeting. Discuss tier specifications with your bakery directly.

Can we have different flavors for each of the tiers?

Yes, your cakemaker can design a cake with different flavor tiers. One of the best things about working with the bakery directly is shortlisting flavor profiles!

Are any flavors an upgrade?

Sometimes. If you want an unusual or out-of-season flavor, the cakemaker may pass the additional cost to you. We recommend cakemakers based on talent and professionalism, but keep in mind that these are small business owners who want to create. Baking is their passion, and they’re excited by new ideas!

Can we do cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake?

Definitely! Cupcakes, pies, donuts, etc., are an option instead of having a tiered cake. We recommend discussing this with your bakery to determine their recommended cupcake styles, flavors, frostings, and fillings.

Can we save the top tier of our wedding cake for our first anniversary?

Such a cute tradition! If you’d like to save the top tier of your cake, we can wrap it for you at the end of the night. As the cake is sized to feed your entire wedding party, you may want to discuss pricing for additional cake with your bakery.

Do you have gluten-free or vegan options?

You can choose gluten-free or vegan cake options, although this may impact the price, flavors, frostings, and fillings. Make this, and any other dietary restrictions, one of the first things you mention at your design meeting.

Can we bring in our own wedding cake?

Yes. You may provide your own wedding cake; however, it must be from a licensed business for food safety reasons. There is no cake-cutting fee for cakes from independent bakers!

Flowers & Decor

Can my guests take the centerpieces home with them?

This typically depends on the vases the florist uses. If you rent the vases - rather than purchasing them or providing your own - your guests won’t be able to take them home. During your design meeting, let the florist know if you would like your guests to be able to take the centerpieces home. They can tell you if there is an additional cost associated with this request or if there is an alternate design that would better suit your request.

How do I know if a flower is in season or not?

If you want a specific flower featured in your centerpieces, we recommend asking directly. If the flower is not in season, your florist can recommend similar flowers or find out the additional cost of sourcing an out-of-season bloom.

How much does it cost to upgrade my centerpieces?

This entirely depends on the style you want. Our recommended florists know our packages well and will give you discounted pricing as a Wedgewood Weddings customer. As you discuss designs, ask your florist to provide a detailed quote.

Can the florist do my personal flowers as well (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.)?

Yes! This is very popular for a cohesive look. Your florist can provide all your personal flowers at a reasonable price since you already use them for your centerpieces. These additions are billed directly through the florist.

How do I know how many centerpieces I need?

Once we have your rough guest count, we'll establish the number of centerpieces required. We will create a floor plan with you at your details meeting and let your florist know the appropriate number of centerpieces after your final meeting, ten days before the wedding. Your florist will then provide you with an updated invoice for any upgrades.

Meal Service Questions

What does the beverage station include?

Typically, we include self-service water, hot coffee, and iced tea.

Can guests come after the meal service?

We charge a per-person price for every guest who attends, regardless of when they arrive or depart. Each package is provided at a per-person cost and is not based solely on the consumption of food and beverages. As part of our safety and sanitation procedures, we may conduct a swift headcount during your event.

Can we take home leftover food?

No. No food or beverages can be taken offsite to protect you and your guests' health.

Rehearsal Questions

Who should be at the ceremony rehearsal?

Invite your wedding party and any guests participating in the ceremony. This will be fun – we have everyone act out the processional so they know the order and route! Please ask everyone to be on time for the walkthrough, as waiting on an essential party member can delay the entire walkthrough.

Does my officiant need to be present at my rehearsal?

You can invite your officiant to your rehearsal, but it’s unnecessary. Once you and your wedding party have completed the rehearsal with your coordinator, your officiant can use the remaining time to review the ceremony’s formalities with you.

Do you provide a rehearsal dinner onsite?

No. A rehearsal dinner is not included in your package. We suggest celebrating at a local restaurant after you walk through our venue. Let us know if you need recommendations!

Wedding Day Questions

Who will be our primary contact on the day of our event?

Your wedding coordinator will be your first contact point for your wedding day. They will set out pre-agreed décor, coordinate with your vendors, and see your "I Do" happen! They typically leave during dinner after handing the event to your banquet captain. Your banquet captain will be your second point of contact for the rest of the evening. They are in charge of the catering team and will be highly familiar with your event plan and individual needs. The whole team at your wedding is there to help you!!

Can you set up the decorations we bring in?

Yes! Your on-the-day coordinator will help set up additional simple décor during the hour and a half before your event. You will drop off your pre-assembled décor during your rehearsal walkthrough before your wedding. For more elaborate décor like pipe-and-drape or chair-covers not arranged through us, you’ll need to arrange for set-up on your own or through an independent vendor. If you’re going to utilize a decorating service — or friends and family members — make sure they know when they can access the venue and our decorating restrictions. Any unique décor needs to be discussed and pre-approved.

Can I take pictures anywhere on property?

We’ll direct you to the very best photo areas during your event; we have a few areas that are restricted for legal or safety reasons. If you’re using an independent photographer, please have them check in on your wedding day so we can bring them up to speed. Our recommended photographer is familiar with the venue and knows the best areas for spectacular photos!

Can I bring my dog to the ceremony?

We allow dogs at outside ceremony areas. However, animals are not permitted in the reception area due to potential liabilities stemming from food contamination. Please arrange for your dog to be taken offsite after your ceremony. Service dogs are allowed in all areas.

Can we extend our event time?

Depending on availability, you may be able to extend the event time for an hourly rate. This includes the room, team, and music (if you have opted for our recommended DJ). Hosted alcohol service is additional. Let us know if you would like a price quote and more detailed information about time frame restrictions due to city ordinances.

What happens at the end of the event?

You live happily ever after!
After your grand exit, we wind down your event, and your guests will depart. We set aside an extra 30 minutes post-event for gathering your personal items. These include gifts, décor, and any other items you may have brought to the venue. The best way to do this is to nominate an item gatherer – a responsible friend – who will gather gifts, cards, accessories, and keepsakes (like your cake topper or spare favors).
We are not liable for any items left behind. We try our best to gather and protect your wedding items, but it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle of cleanup and guest departure. It's impossible for us to know which items are treasured tokens versus one-use and disposable. We have minimal storage, so we direct our team to clear the venue after every event.
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