Saving 10 Crs INR (1.2 Million USD) in Infrastructure Project


McKinsey & Co for their infrastructure client


McKinsey & Co was given a task to optimise the allocation of resources of an upcoming infrastructure project. It was important for the company to save cost as the performance was attached to amount of savings they were able to bring.
The team set out a target of about 10 Crores INR for the same, which was about 10% of the total project cost.

Breakthrough Solution

Vishal was roped in as external consultant based on expertise displayed with Indian Railways. The solution was to come up with an optimal resource allocation algorithm that helps client achieve the cost savings.
The solution involved understanding the various possibilities in which the resource can be allocated, development of the models that will help the client simulate various scenarios and where can they set up the infrastructure service units for the day to day operations of the project.
Vishal developed the Optinet product that when given the data gave the solution to where to allocate resources with an objective to maximise savings


The product was able to showcase the savings of 10 Crores INR based on optimal allocation of resources.
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