200% increase in Tech Team Productivity


Product CallHippo


To introduce scrum as part of product development process and increase the productivity.


CallHippo has a large tech team of 15+ developers, testers to maintain and develop the platform. In Dec 2018, CallHippo team was looking to structure the entire development to make it more streamlined and they wanted a way that does not affect the current on-going work
It became important to introduce the best practices, the solution came starting with the entire vision of how do we want the entire tech to be seen.
This led to phase wise introduction of Scrum in the team with the end goal of CI and CD development
In the initial phase, we started with Jira implementation and daily stand up calls between product and tech team lead. There was initial struggle to remain consistent, but once we got consistent in few weeks we started with the tech team lead doing the daily stand up call with their team
Then we introduced sprint planning meeting and when sprint got over we introduced sprint retrospective meeting. The important part was not to tell all the activities at one go and introduce it based on team morale and team openness this way the team is also open to change do not feel the change is being imposed by management but rather a better way to make things happen.
We started with only leadership team and then driving the change to team, this helped instead of making it a blanket rule to implement from next day.
They also saw how leaders were communicating and this prepared them for the transition better instead of a rule.
With every development we used to track efforts that will be required and we used to note how much time it actually took


The tech team lead reported 200% increase in throughput that the team was able to achieve through scrum and daily stands in 2 months time.
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