Re-engineering Drone Shooting operations for 533% increase in collections



as part of data sanity and user experience collected drone view of new project property so that the end customer can see the view from 20+ floors above ground
This was important because it helped developers to say the view that were able to give to customers and also how the end customer will see city scape once the project is ready. The better the view the higher the price and demand.
But drone collection was turning out to be expensive and were only able to collect few properties in the day

Breakthrough Solution

Vishal was given the team’s responsibility to make it work and increase the efficiency.
To understand the solution one has to understand how the collection process was happening. To collect a property by drone we had to make an appointment with builder, based on scheduled appointment time and date the collector used to go to the place and collect.
To collect one property data collector had to take the drone from office, reach the location, collect and come back.
The solution came in creating better synchronicity between appointments for collection with builders and path of the day for data collector
We started placing more appointments on the path of data collector to-fro from the office. So every morning when data collector went out there was one property which was farthest so team lead took up the task to give the entire route to data collector.
Early one data collector was collecting on average 2-3 properties and we were able to scale it to 10-12 per day.


The overall number of properties collected increased by 533% in 1 month with the same resources just by being smarter about scheduling.
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