Product Market Fit Study


Product CallHippo


To conduct where do we stand on Product Market fit for CallHippo product
There were quite a few interactions internally going on in leadership team on whether the positioning is right, there was revenue generation but with the continuous discussion it was important to know where we stand as product for the market
Vishal did the product market fit study for CallHippo


The product market fit started with a survey from our users where we asked the question
How would you feel if you could no longer use CallHippo?
{Very Disappointed, Somewhat Disappointed, Not Disappointed}
Please help us understand why you selected this answer.
What would you use if CallHippo were no longer available?
What is the main benefit you receive from CallHippo?
What type of people do you think would most benefit from CallHippo?
How can we improve CallHippo for you?

We ran the survey and started getting responses and we stored them at a place for later analysis.
Based on the response we started assigning it to personas and their job titles
We achieved 28% product - market fit with the survey but the ideal one is 40% or above.
So we started analysing the main benefit and what it would take to improve the CallHippo
We śaw what people liked about the product the main benefit was that they can run their business from anywhere and were not tied to the desk.
They were looking for performance improvement
Based on the study we were able to prioritise product development


This clearly helped CallHippo to focus more on integrations, business calling and performance enhancements and also gave a direction as to how to prioritise the product development.
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