Automating Class Scheduler for 500+ Courses


IIT Bombay


Every semester IIT Bombay has to manually schedule the classes, with 500+ courses running in a semester, it was a herculean task for the administration department.
They were looking for a solution when IIT Bombay’s IEOR Department was roped in to solve the same.

Breakthrough Solution

Vishal took this up as a winter project to work on this problem. This involved working with constraints like availability of class rooms, instructors and required infrastructure
The solution had to ensure that certain classes are conducted at certain times and can execute certain facilities
So there were hard constraints that cannot be neglected and soft constraints that had some flexibility
This led to development of resource allocation software that when given the courses, instructor names and hard constraints gave which course should be held in which room in a way that minimises the student movement.


Developed optimised algorithm for scheduling class of 500+ courses, 400+ instructors, 70+ rooms in 19 slots to minimise overall movement
The model was adopted by IIT Bombay in practice for scheduling semester classes.

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