Improving Operations Productivity by 300%



wanted to scale up the productivity and had to let go many people in 2016 to manage their cost. It also had to figure out a way how to maintain or improve the operational performance run-rates with less number of people

Breakthrough Solution

Due to lack of resources, we needed a way that increases team’s focus and productivity without increasing management cost.
The team now had less number of executives and more work to attend to. For the work to happen it required high level of collaboration between various teams and development of single minded focus on the productivity and working on metrics that matter.
Vishal introduced scrum in operations team, it was first time the something was like this introduced and not regarded as a normal operations management practise but it gave results.
We created a metric board using Google Spreadsheets and shared it with entire team. This made everyone on the same page.
Then every team leader was part of the daily stand up scrum meeting that used to happen everyday at same time for 15 mins, this brought discipline and consistency
Instead of working monthly targets we took weekly targets and all management did was cleared the way for team leads and team leads use to bring any roadblocks


In 3 months we got 200% increase in productivity. Management intervention went down from 3-4 man-hours daily to 30 mins.
The team use to now setup their own targets and developed a pull mechanism instead of a management push mechanism.
We found that team was way more capable and open to lead once management was out of the way and they could see the results in front of them.
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