Contact Center Increased Productivity of Quality process by 3x

Customer: Gourav Gangwani, Product Head
Company: FiveS
Industry: Business Process Outsourcing
Buyer Persona: Quality Heads at Contact Centers
Author: Vishal Rewari
Publish Date: 13 Aug 2022


FiveS is a 2000+ employee contact center spread in 9+ locations and 3+ countries.

FiveS was looking for a tech partner to help them increase efficiency and productivity of the Quality process with a Quality Management System (QMS), this is when they found Optiblack and their previous work.

After the implementation of QMS, FiveS can increase productivity by 3-5x of the quality process

The Story of FiveS

FiveS provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for their 1000+ clients and are responsible for doing audit on the processes to ensure quality and delivery is maintained as part of their process.
Contact center space is growing with an annual CAGR of 20.9%. As per the report published by a leading group, total spend of call center operations stands at approx. USD 350 billion. Even the call center outsourcing market has seen a steady growth over the last 5 years, and accounts to USD 75 billion currently.

FiveS works with top tier eCommerce clients to manage their customer support activities. The core focus of FiveS is in customer delivery, they process large amounts of data everyday, with each agent on the floor doing 100-200 calls, we have a processing of 100k to 200k calls per day, 10+ activities on each call
FiveS realised that having a tech partner to help them scale their systems and provide the tech can help them achieve efficiency and leveraging technology to drive the productivity will be beneficial in short and long term.

The Challenge of Audit

FiveS have 1000+ agents on the floor who are calling and connecting with the customers of their clients to complete the business process. The work done by agents needs to be audited to help them ensure quality is maintained.

Though these numbers portray a rosy picture for the call center industry, there are couple of challenges such as:
Scalability Issue: Let’s say there are 1000 agents working in a contact center. One agent is supposed to do around 70-80 conversations in a day. Hence, a contact center is expected to close around 70K to 80K conversations on a daily basis. On the contrary, a Quality Auditor, within the human capacity, is not expected to audit more than 20 calls a day. So if there are for say 50 Quality Auditors on 1000 agents. Then the maximum number of conversations they could audit would be 1000 on a daily basis. Means 79999 conversations are still unaudited.
Random Sampling: Currently we are picking the conversations on a completely random basis for audit purposes. The problem in random picking is, we might end up in picking the calls which are not seeking our attention and when the same thing continues it would lead to an inverse impact on the SLA. Because when we are not able to focus on the conversations which are seeking our attention, we are letting the bad performers [agents having low QA Score] to continue until they get caught. If we become able to render the relevant conversations we might be able to design better learning programs and training sessions for the low performers.
Manual: We are still using the old school tools such as spreadsheets, google forms and email to manage the auditing. These tools are highly vulnerable in terms of data access and editing. Moreover, we are not able to develop insights out of the collected data.
User Not Tech Savvy: More than 95% of the user base is composed of Agents who are not well educated and tech savvy. Means, the solution has to have simple and easy to understand interface.
Broken Feedback loop: The agents have to manage multiple activities in one call and there is no convenient feedback mechanism to exchange views on the received quality score.

Why FiveS Chose Optiblack

In this section, speak about the decision process of your customer. Speak about how they discovered you, who else they considered, and what made them ultimately decide to do business with you.

FiveS started looking out for a tech partner to build the tech for the QMS system, they were looking for software development firms specialised in high scale SaaS Development. They even tried developing the system in-house but they could not complete it due to lack of talent and tech complexity.

They considered 4-5 other development firms before deciding to go ahead with Optiblack.

What helped them select Optiblack was the business oriented outcome driven focus of Optiblack, their past case studies of increasing Operational Productivity and strong technical development skills and past contact center experience. ()

How Optiblack Responded

Gourav Gangwani, Head of Product at FiveS reached out to Optiblack founder Vishal Rewari to initiate a conversation and problem discussion.
We understood the business requirement, tech stack requirement, process and workflow.
We researched about the process to understand the entire workflow.
We had multiple calls with FiveS team to understand the stakeholder requirements and how the interaction of the process will work on the floor
We setup the team with correct tech stack and skills
We setup the entire product development process and working cadence with FiveS team
We setup the deliverables and timeline for the project.
Developed the tool to address the scalability
Developed the tool that is easy to use and simple to work on
Developed the sampling engine to allocate work based on business priorities and rules, the rules were designed together with FiveS team to take input from performance, CRM and Quality Score
The entire process is now automated and digitised leading to higher efficiency and better action drive analytics
Developed a feedback loop between Agent and Quality team to give them real time and on-demand feedback for kudos and disputes resolution.
We developed it in a manner to be able to work with their current tech stack.
Regular cadence to get feedback early on the process and development of the tool
Delivery of the tool for User Acceptance Testing
Deployment of the tool on the FiveS cloud for their access.

The Results

QMS system created for FiveS will help in increasing productivity in Audit by 3x, reduction in manual process and Fives ended up giving us 5 more projects.


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