IT Admin guide to Coda
IT Admin guide to Coda

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Benefits of Coda for IT

🎯 Coda reduces cost and breaks down silos. Here’s how:

Coda is the all-in-one doc for teams that brings all your words, data, and teamwork into one powerful doc. Coda can enhance, reduce, and replace 100’s of tools across numerous productivity categories and help organizations save money.

✨ Enhance

Through our vibrant ecosystem Coda can enhance user workflows and processes by pushing, pulling, visualizing, and remixing data from 100’s of tools.

✂️ Reduce

Coda can reduce use of certain categories of tools, e.g. CRM, as we provide integrations that enable users to sync data to and from these other tools, thus allowing companies to reduce the number of licenses needed for tools that can’t be replaced.

🔁 Replace

Coda can replace all uses of certain categories of tools, e.g. project management, as we provide equivalent or greater functionality and have importers that make it easy to transition your data from existing tools.

💪 Flexibility to address your team’s use cases

At Coda, we understand that growth means change, so we provide a set of building blocks to adjust, iterate, and redesign your docs to flexibly adapt to your team’s workflow.
While teams can start from proven templates that run some of the world’s greatest teams, you can leverage Coda’s building blocks like a flexible canvas, infinitely nested pages, and tables and views to build customized solutions that enable your team to work in the most productive way.

Key resources

Below, we’ve provide a few key resources for IT Admins to streamline some common IT process, save time, and maximize operational efficiencies.

IT Toolkit for Okta user account lifecycle

Vendor evaluation

Company intranet/wiki

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