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Workspace management

Every Coda workspace automatically has at least one workspace admin and we’ve put together the following resources to guide admins across topics including user management and identity management.
Coda’s Enterprise plan includes additional workspace management features. Move the slider to the right to view Help Center articles which only apply to the Enterprise plan.
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User management
Admin Pack (Enterprise)
Easily activate/deactivate users, transfer resources, and audit users, events, and activity using the Admin pack
Workspace admins: settings and abilities
Admins set the rules and control the settings. This article provides an overview of Admin abilities including, but not limited to, role changes and domain approvals.
Workspace admins: settings and abilities
Offboard: members and docs
If a user in a Workspace is deactivated or removed, all the docs owned by that user (and shared with others) will become read-only. As the admin of the workspace, you have the ability to offboard the user as well as the docs they own in Workspace folders.
Organization offboarding (Enterprise only)
If you are an organization administrator of an enterprise workspace and one of your user's accounts has been deactivated via SCIM you can transfer all their owned docs to another user in your organization. Find out how to complete this process here.
Identity management
Getting started with SSO
Enterprise Admins can set up SSO when onboarding their org. Coda currently supports SAML SSO via Okta andMicrosoft Azure Active Directory , though our implementation is generic and will probably support other providers as well.
Configure SAML SSO
Enterprise Admins can configure SAML SSO for their org. These instructions are generic; please refer to your Identity Provider's documentation for how to accomplish these steps, or reach out to Coda for assistance.
Configure SCIM
IT/Org Admins can configure SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) to manage users inside Coda for your organization.This enables your Identity Provider to automatically provision and de-provision users in Coda, based on their roles and application assignments within your Identity Provider.

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