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Get started by collecting data from your users.
The product/market fit engine is powered by user feedback with a lightweight survey. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up your own version.
A. Create your survey
In our survey, we used 6 key questions. You might want to add more questions if you want to dig deeper on certain topics. We ran our survey with because it has great keyboard shortcuts, but you can use any good survey tool like .
We sent the survey only to users who had been using Superhuman for at least a few weeks, and who had sent a minimum number of emails. At the time, we had just 100-200 users to poll, but the survey also works at smaller scale. You start to get directionally correct results around 40 respondents — much fewer than most people think!
Coda Survey Form
How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman?
No options available
Please help us understand why you selected this answer?
What would you use if Superhuman were no longer available?
What is the main benefit you receive from using Superhuman?
What type of person do you think would benefit most from Superhuman?
How can we improve Superhuman for you?
Job Title
Submit Date
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Use Coda form
From , and click on Options when you hover over the table
Click on More (with the 3 dots) and click on Form
Click on Layout to adjust the layout of the form if you wish. Click Publish when you’re ready to get an external link you can share and responses will automatically get sent to the .
Learn more:
Use Typeform survey
Create a account and create a survey with the questions above. For question #1, make sure to create . The remaining questions can be long text.
Import data into Coda
Click on Explore in the top-right, then Packs & Import, and find the to authenticate with your Typeform account
Once you’ve integrated with Typeform, you can drag-and-drop the Responses table from the Pack and sync responses from Typeform into the Responses table so it always stays up to date
If you prefer to copy/paste your survey responses, scroll down below to see the and manually edit the columns to match the questions you asked in the survey
Use Google Forms survey
Create a and add the questions above.
Import data into Coda
Copy and paste responses into the below, or:
Create a Zapier account and set up a Zap so that new . Make sure to select the table in Zapier.
B. Log your responses
You can use this section to collate your survey responses. The table below is currently filled with
actual responses from our first surveys in 2016-2017. (Any personal or identifying information has been removed.) You can use this table to explore a live data set and understand the method before applying it to your own product.
When you're ready to use your own data, hit this button to clear the table:
Clear Sample Data
Expand to see the actual data

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