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Table of All Responses
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How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman?
Please help us understand why you selected this answer?
What would you use if Superhuman were no longer available?
What is the main benefit you receive from using Superhuman?
What type of person do you think would benefit most from Superhuman?
How can we improve Superhuman for you?
Job Title
Very disappointed
I'm at least 2x if not faster at processing email with superhuman. And the experience is far more pleasurable than any other email client I've used up to this point.
Back to Gmail web client. :-(
People who naturally gravitate towards hot-keys (keyboard shortcuts)
gripes: printing is sub-par; attachments such as word .docs can't be "previewed" without downloading first; some emails that are wider than the viewport force a horizontal scrollbar, without the ability to "widen" then screen — bummer. I switch between 4 email addresses throughout the day, and I do miss being able to customize the background for each account to quickly see which account i'm in.
Very disappointed
Love the interface; it makes me want to go through my emails and get to inbox 0.
Gmail + Streak
Being incentivized to get to inbox 0
A company leader with a lot of inbound email. Superhuman makes it really easy to manage large volumes or email fast. Not sure if I'd recommend it to someone in an external-facing role like Sales or Support b/c there are more specialized email/automation tools for that.
If there was some way to make it closer to Calendar, because a lot of my email workflow is around scheduling meetings
Very disappointed
It's simplified the way I interact with email. Going back to Gmail would be HARD!
Given there'd be no comparable alternatives I'd likely revert back to Gmail
Speed, shortcuts, reminders which all give clarity to my work.
A busy one! I can only speak from personal experience but I'm a designer by trade yet run a design studio. Having Superhuman frees me up from the laborious act of email so i can spend more time at what I'm good at without the fear of not dealing with clients via email in a timely/efficient manner. In short I'd say Superhuman is for multi-tackers.
I'd love to see a mobile and PC version as I'm constantly hopping from multiple devices.
Co-founder, Creative Director
Very disappointed
I'm enjoying the speed of being able to easily do everything with shortcuts.
Gmail client.
focus and speed of going through emails.
people who receive north of 50 emails per day.
mobile client :)
Co-founder, Director of Product
Very disappointed
Super fast, no need for having my personal and professional Gmail tabs open, I don't think about read receipts anymore, snippets, etc.
Gmail + extensions
Keyboard shortcuts are super intuitive and searchable. This is the main backbone to me using all the other features
Anyone who spends at least 30 full minutes a day in email. (full)
As of right now, being able to do merge variables in snippets would be cool. Also, iOS app. :-)
Co-founder, Head of Engineering
Very disappointed
I'm getting through email dramatically faster. I'm also now really getting into a groove with shortcuts.
Probably try to go back to inbox app. And cry.
Anyone that sends or receives more than 5 important emails a day.
I'm still trying to get the hang of search. I'm guessing that I need to hit tab instead of enter to auto-complete. Maybe make that more clear?
Very disappointed
i finally feel able to keep up with email -- and I haven't felt this way in maybe 2 years? It's because I have a tool that's fast enough and intuitive enough for my workflow!
fuck. I don't even want to answer this or think about it - but maybe vanilla gmail / inbox?
Speed + action oriented design. It helps reinforce no distractions and a gtd oriented email approach.
Someone needs to be good at email (and on top of it on a daily basis) to achieve their goals (work/club/school).
I loath email on my phone and even if it's unstable + full of bugs ready to report - i'd love to try an iphone version whenever you can. Thanks:)
Very disappointed
I'm getting used to the awesome way it looks and works--super freaking fast and pleasant to the eye. I've been archiving and setting reminders like a boss.
I'd go back to gmail. I'd probably cobble together some extensions
Ability to set snoozes and send later. Let's me buy time or let emails come back to me when they make sense.
A professional who has to network with lots of people, or handle many support tickets, or who runs their own business.
I loath email on my phone and even if it's unstable + full of bugs ready to report - i'd love to try an iphone version whenever you can. Thanks:)
Founder, CMO, Content Strategist
Very disappointed
I've been able to completely rework the way I do email around Superhuman's features
I would be pretty disappointed. I've spent a lot of time learning how it works and adjusting my workflow to it
Speed and simplicity
Super-users and hyper productive people. Personally I feel that at scale the product may face significant user challenges because it could be quite difficult to onboard people in the fashion that you currently do.
A mobile app!! I'm still stuck on Newton for mobile and it's really really sad :( Mostly because I've become so accustomed to Superhuman, but also because read receipts don't carry over between the two (obviously, since they're different products) and so it becomes a chore to send an email because I have to remember which platform to check the read receipts on
CTO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
Airmail / nylas
NO BUGS! breakneck fast feedback
CEOs / sales / people whose jobs live and die by email
I already told Vivek about the long email thread reply problem. Also if Superhuman can make previewing attachments (ie seeing a modal popup by pressing the space bar) super easy, I would appreciate it very much
Co-founder, CEO
Very disappointed
A couple things that have been awesome: I've unsubscribed from more email lists than I ever have using any other tool. The ease of Cmd+K->Unsubscribe is great and I try it on almost every email. The visual interface makes me not hate staring at my inbox, it's pretty low cognitive load. I've begun changing my behavior to really take advantage of snoozing/reminders as opposed to just leaving things starred, feel like that helps me be more decisive in my workflow.
More intentionality around email workflow.
High volume emailer that is at least decent at building some kind of process.
Batch unsubscribe would be very awesome.
Co-founder, CTO
Very disappointed
It works well
Google Inbox
Polished product
People who care about polish and keyboard shortcuts. PMs or nerdy designers
Visual design (figure & ground). Multiple emails inbox.
Very disappointed
Superhuman makes email feel less like email.
Saves time.
Email power users.
Better tools to help you scale the learning curve faster. Turn me into an expert power user faster.
Co-founder, CEO
Very disappointed
Superhuman is the most efficient email system I've used and I do a ton of email
Gmail's web app
Tons of great features that just lead to more streamlined ease of use and ultimately speed
Email power users
I'd like to see an email count for my other inbox. Being able to handle multiple accounts in the same client would also be helpful. Integration with salesforce would be amazing.
Founder, Managing Partner
Very disappointed
Slick design
better design and mailbox management
someone dedicated to 'inbox zero' philosophy
\- Copy/Paste Formatting (Bullet points from Word don't copy well). - Image resizing option when pasted into body of email (Gmail Example: Original, Best Fit, Small, Large) - Large attachments - how can we manage this long term?
Co-founder, CEO
Very disappointed
because the tech is dope!
time management
someone who is managing multiple projects at once
i'll keep thinking
Co-founder, T3 West
Very disappointed
After < 1 day of usage, it's already such a superior experience to Gmail.
Gmail web app.
The speed at which I'm able to get things done, esp. due to keyboard shortcuts.
1. Someone willing to pay for a better email experience 2. Someone who sends & receives a boatload of email
\- It was not obvious how to create bullets, but I tried an asterisk (like markdown) and it worked. That was definitely, "they made me think" moment. - I don't know how (or if I can) edit an email address or name that I paste into the send line.
Co-founder, CEO
Very disappointed
Just getting used to going real fast and not being distracted ... and I still feel I haven't seen half of it. Also, not having distractions on the screen is great. My behaviour is still starting to change, so this is preliminary.
Currently: zipping though my email. Future: yet to be seen
Executives (high email load, cognitive overload) and engineers / technical folks (used to keyboard shortcuts and using highly functioning efficient tools). Pricing may be different ;)
Make it rock-solid, keep it fast, keep cognitive load low, round out some functionality (drafts, etc).
CTO, Co-founder, Board Member
Very disappointed
SuperHuman's allowed me to be more efficient with my time, which would be a difficult thing to lose!
I would go back to native Gmail client as I'm confident the other contenders (mainly Airmail) have not improved since my last experience.
I can work through incoming email more quickly, sorting messages accordingly and streamlining my work process.
I've thought about this quite a bit over the past few weeks. I believe Superhuman is most useful to people that (a) have a lot of incoming email, (b) are highly proficient with keyboard shortcuts and (c) are motivated to improve personal productivity. Entrepreneurs are an obvious fit for the product. I could also see others that rely on speed (financiers, etc) taking early interest. I can see that trickling down to other members of their teams. I do have a bit of trouble identifying the natural progression from there...
The feedback loop has been great. I really appreciate the acknowledgement of new feedback and implementation of suggestions.
Very disappointed
Love it. The speed and ui allows me to get more done
Gmail or maybe back to airmail or who knows
Get more done and feels good
Busy professionals who also need context. Sales and execs and marketing and recruiting
Need links. Contacts integration like saving to contacts. Mobile
Founder, Managing Partner
Very disappointed
It has become ESSENTIAL as part of email. It is clean. Zen-like. Focused. Powerful.
Inbox or Spark for Mac Beta (if it's out)
Focus. Flow. Simplicity. Power.
Developers, hackers. Entrepreneurs. Startup folk. Creatives. Design enthusiasts.
Continuing to improve the email width legibility. Work more on full-screen focus mode. Continue to knock out edge-case bugs.
Very disappointed
It's part of my daily routine now.
Back to GMail
Saves me time.
Email power users that are keyboard shortcut ninjas.
Keep listening to my feedback as you've been doing.
Founder, CTO
Very disappointed
I've just switched over to Superhuman as my number 1 email on desktop!
Go back to gmail :-(
Speed with shortcuts and ease of use, email is actually more fun which is crazy to even type
I can relate mostly to CEOs who has to be one of the top beneficiaries
bulk updating and maybe biggest thing is sometimes searching for emails can be slow to load results. I'm going to test with different wifi to make sure, but seems like it can be slow to show results
Co-founder, CEO
Very disappointed
A few things: - Because I don't have my email constantly opened in a browser window, I'm better at avoiding being distracted by emails and tend to group my email sessions - It does feel as if I'm going faster through my emails - I shared that before but I also feel less rushed going through my emails - I now take the time to reply more thoughtful answers, longer emails
I guess I would have to sadly go back to Gmail
See above but focus and time management
Stressed out people
Calendar revamp or at least a more seamless way to go from my Superhuman email to my Google Calendar
Co-founder, President
Somewhat disappointed
I have thoroughly enjoyed using SuperHuman and truly appreciate its features. That being the case, I could still see myself switching back to Gmail if Superhuman was no longer available
Those who have to shuffle through tons of emails
Please finish the iOS app! Thank you :)
Founder, CEO, Lead Front End Engineer
Somewhat disappointed
Lots of promise, but still missing features that result in me having to run Superhuman + Inbox side by side still. Most important ones are reminders (as first-class objects, not email reminders) and mobile.
Speed and workflow management
Organized, high-bandwidth people
Mobile app, reminders, improve layout of inbox view (it's too wide)
Somewhat disappointed
just got used to a new way of reading and managing email
prob have to go back to airmail
productivity and tech oriented
show different accounts + desktop client
Somewhat disappointed
I switched off of Mixmax for SH and have been liking it so far. Still a few things missing (e.g. calendar scheduling, iOS) but I hear they're coming so doing things manually in the meantime.
Busy, busy people. Founders, VCs, professional/corporate services
Left a ton of feedback already but mainly the iOS app (which I hear some very exclusive people are already using... ahem), calendar scheduling, and two-column layout/mini-window for composing while reading emails.
Founder, Curator
Not disappointed
because it's still not indisposable. I still do not feel as organized and comfortable
quick to get rid of spammy emails
a person who gets 300+ emails a day
the ability to have important, pending emails that need to be front and center be in a Que of some sort..
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
I like what I see and am using, however, I still need to learn more of the functionality to say I can't live without. I want to keep using it and explore more and more, especially meeting invites, calendar invites and rich text features.
mix max
timing getting rid of emails that are irrelevant
a person with lots of emails
easy calendar invite, meeting invites
Not disappointed
Superhuman is very high-potential, but has not yet provided significant advantages or speed increases relative to my current gmail interface. Some of the feature implementations are a bit clunky (ex: Boomerang being an auto-generated email instead of a tag addition), some functionality requires using core Gmail (ex: filter creation), and some features are just missing (ex: send + archive, archive + return to inbox instead of advance). Also, any scheduling functionality requires a return to GCal, and since that's a bout 30% of my overall emails it makes navigation a bit difficult. Finally, the fact that I can't use both my work + personal email means that I'm using the Gmail interface anyway and can't fully migrate.
Standard Gmail + Gmail Offline. Or maybe Mailplane.
Speed, Offline
Unfortuantely, I think SH is best suited for non-power users of work email or perhaps personal email. Gmail (on web) has more power user features out of the box and is more customizable, and SH does not yet have any 'killer' features that give it an advantage (unless I missed some!).
I tend to send in feature requests as they come to me! One note based on my responses above. I've seen a lot of bugs in the attachment preview pane. I've stopped using the preview feature, and just download the docs + open natively now. Also, frankly, the price is way too high relative to the current quality of the product.
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
I really enjoy using it and I am much more productive on the desktop, but I find without mobile it’s breaking up my email workflow more than it is enhancing it at the moment
Gmail web on the desktop and iPhone
Productivity via reminders, speed (keyboard shortcuts)
People whose jobs require a lot of time on email
Mobile, and the ability to close the window and reopen it without it needing to effectively relaunch and reload
COO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
I'm still new to it. I love what I've seen so far. It won't be indispensable until: a) there is a mobile app and b) there is deeper calendar integration
I'd go back to gmail, though I think superhuman is much better.
All of the shortcuts have been great. Snooze and reminders have been excellent.
Any executive, any user with lots of email demands.
Mobile app, Calendar integration.
Somewhat disappointed
better than gmail but gmail still fine
anyone w high email volume
still doesn't sync all my emails completely sometimes (have to wait); also mobile UI isn't there yet
Founder, COO
Somewhat disappointed
Google Inbox's bundling is very helpful for my day-to-day life (travel specifically). No iOS app support.
Google Inbox (not Gmail)
Really fast interface is the main sell for me right now
People who spend a lot of time in email and are power users (I essentially don't use my mouse at all0
Feels like I've already emailed you a few times here ;) Mainly: bundle emails for travel / tickets / etc. + better workflow controls (I don't want archiving something to take me straight to the next email, just want it to take me back to the email list)
Somewhat disappointed
Still getting the hang of it
Probably inbox
Keyboard shortcuts focus and speed
Busy technical person
Faster searching
COO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Trying to use it for all my email, but still feel a strong draw to go back to gmail. Its really hard to alter a flow I've been doing for 6+ years.
Native gmail.
Offline support and command+k
Heavy traveler and someone who optimizes for email optimization
I get signed out every day, labels don't collapse like in gmail, no unread counts for email, aesthetic is too nordic
Somewhat disappointed
Haven’t used it long enough to optimize my work flow. After years of gmail it’s hard to switch
Gmail web
Offline and command k
High traffic email
Somewhat disappointed
definitely has made me faster, better than gmail by far. still is in the "nice to have" not "need to have" Category but well worth $30/mo
gmail - maybe investigate other things?
sales/customer success, executives, founders - i.e folks with high email volume
already have submitted some (very minor) feedback. anothre thing - i find myself havig to go back into gmail to edit my filters - not sure if their API allows filters to be setup externally but that would be nice. Something like "smart filters" would be cool, e.g. "compute a search string based on the message i'm currently looking at and similar matches and filter all those out"
Founder, COO
Somewhat disappointed
I love the product in general but I'm still training myself on the workflow (changing habits from Inbox), and finding it a bit challenging to switch back and forth from mobile to desktop because I don't have the Superhuman mobile app (so my mobile inbox is full of snoozed messages)
faster email processing
Efficiency nuts
Mobile app. Also, let me get rid of some of the animations, because they slow me down (especially the 'archive' animation, which kills my flow). Fast >> animated!
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
Still trying to break the Gmail habit
Speed & shortcut (keyboard) learning
founder/early stage tech
app for my phone
Co-founder, SVP Growth, Innovation
Somewhat disappointed
I like the product. I think I can grow to love it just need more time with it
better focus then with gmail client. get through emails way quicker
pretty nerdy ones. some might think is plain but is exactly what i need
there is alot of space on the left when I am either replying or composing, a few times I had to exit draft then look for something get info from a old email then go back. since the left panel is pretty blank be good if i can search for things there so i dont need to exit draft
CTO, CPO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
In the couple of days I've begun to use it I am definitely blazing through more emails and am getting a sense of what email could be if it was was 'created' in 2017!
Speed, simplicity, great design, shortcuts, ease of reading / processing info in msgs
People who love excel shortcuts & in general early adopters of tech tools - Apple / iOS enthusiasts come to mind as well
really enjoy the shortcut prompts when i do something manually - keep those coming!
Founder Services Lead
Somewhat disappointed
Its a very fun and useful e-mail client. It would be a bummer, but its an email client.
Keyboard shortcuts
Someone who sends and receives a ton of emails
Its harder to search and reference old emails than it was on google -- I would love it if that feature was emphasized or if you could search using cntrl k. Also I think the read receipts are too hidden, it would be great if they were put near every email kind of like streak.
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
Fun and 20% better than Google Inbox but probably not yet worth $30/month for me. Currently way worse than Google Inbox since no functioning mobile experience.
Google Inbox
More fun, a bit faster
Someone who emails a lot
iOS app Make it easier to search: Needing to go Command+K, then Search is too slow. Price is too high
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
It makes me more efficient, but not yet mission critical
Gmail inbox
Speed, keyboard shortcuts, email open tracking
Sales and BD people
More reliable. More CRM-like features. Mobile
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
I've only used it for a couple weeks so while I think it is unambiguously better than Gmail right now, it's not yet indispensable. I do see the potential though!
Speed, not just website performance but more so since the product is very clean, its much easier and faster to focus on the right things and getting things done, which is generally to read and respond to emails.
Executives, salespeople, any client/provider business.
Replace Gmail on my phone
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
It's fast and makes it easier for me to focus on email and plow through it.
Google Inbox.
See Answer 2.
Someone with lots of email!
I use SaneBox and it's a little confusing to use it with Superhuman -- sometimes things are in my Inbox when they shouldn't be (and should instead be in a folder if they have the label applied)
Co-founder, CEO
Not disappointed
I have only been using it for one day so not completely attached yet. It's faster but wondering if there is a 'killer' feature or if that is simply speed.
people who want speed and are inbox zero
It's great so far. One note is the subtleness of the design. One primary color could help significantly.
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
It's a great experience! I love it, and feel much more productive (and stress-free!) when I use it. But I've also been using Apple Mail for so long that I think I'd fall back into the groove pretty quickly.
Apple Mail. :( One day they'll make it better, right?
Stress relief. Focus. All the distractions are gone and I can focus on one email at a time.
People with concentration issue.
I still haven't gotten accustomed to your threading paradigm. I kinda like that threads get grouped, but I'm still working through the anxiety around items i've deleted coming back.
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
I'm still getting comfortable with the product... change is hard :)
i see how this might make me faster at email
people who pay attention to detail and are frustrated by the lack of details in other mail products
I think small hacks to help me make the transition from gmail... i visually recognize my email tab by the favicon... make one that looks more like gmail :) with some red & white or maybe the "new" email count
Somewhat disappointed
Very happy so far!
Gmail browser client
So far the speed
Busy people
Integrate my calendar
Co-founder, CTO
Somewhat disappointed
The product is easy to use, intuitive and clean
Mac Mail
features mac mail doesn't have (read receipt/scheduling)
someone in business
would be AMAZING if there was a sidebar or something so I can see multiple accounts at once. One downside is having to tab across rather than see which inboxes have the most unread messages
Principal, Founder
Somewhat disappointed
I have been buying into the simplified shortcut driven email game.
those who strive for greater efficiency
Inbox counter, pop up email draft view, improved search functionality, breakup of email chain into individual email, split screenview (ala outlook style)... but I am sure that is all coming ;)
Somewhat disappointed
I very much like using Superhuman, but I could get by with other alternatives (e.g., Google Inbox) if it weren't there. It might be because there is no integrated desktop–mobile experience yet, so I am still stuck half-way between a great desktop experience and an average (apple mail) mobile experience.
Google Inbox
Overall, it is faster to process emails on desktop using Superhuman. This is mainly, for me, because of the shortcuts and also the important / other split (vs. Inbox, which is clunkier to use with the many different categories of emails)
Anyone who receives / needs to process a lot of email
Mobile (iOS) app please!
Somewhat disappointed
I just started using Superhuman, so I'm still used to the crappy Gmail web client. I anticipate moving to the "very disappointed" column in a few weeks
Back to Gmail
Offline access while on planes. Also superfast access when local
Heavy email triage-ers like myself. Founders and CEOs, other C-suite execs on G-suite.
I love the keyboard shortcut tooltips... also if Rahul's onboarding session was available online :)
CTO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
I like the snooze UX. Very cool and fast when using Superhuman Control. Also it's fast when switching threads via shortcuts J & K. However the load time is visibly slow when switching from Important to Other (or vice versa), when performing keyword searches, and when opening a new email that hasn't already been cached. Also the Reminders vs Snoozing UX is confusing.
Inbox (Gmail has gotten much slower in the past few months)
Speed, triaging emails, going through inbox
Someone that doesn't need very many email tools (okay using the basic add ons like read receipts, snoozing, templates, etc.) and that processes and deals with high volumes.
Improve speed. Remove bugs. Ship templates and mobile. Integrations
Somewhat disappointed
Off to a great start, but have also had some bugs and am getting used to the sw. I think ultimately, I'll love it.
Gmail and Spark
Great UX. Fast.
Power users
Inbox count would be helpful
Founder, Managing Partner
Not disappointed
So you can look at this for the perspective of what are the benefits over the previous platform that i use vs the pitfalls. Benefits of Superhuman: - The only real value add I feel is offline mode. The speed component is there but because everything is so minimalist and keyboard shortcut key selection its often negated. Pitfalls of Superhuman: - I hate when email programs mark stuff as read when you didn’t select to open it. Also the trick to just type u after and have that take you back to the inbox with the selected email go back to unread is not a solution because if it was already read from before it would then get marked as unread. I'm slowly getting over this one. - Using arrows instead of n and p. Huge disruption to speed. You can’t do that and stay in the keyboard position. I fine with it not being n and p but pick something our fingers can reach if you’re going to change shorts from accessible ones to making the feature worse. :) - When you send an email in a thread, after you send it the cursor is on the first email instead of the second. You then have to move it down to forward or take action on the most recent email. this wouldnt be as bad as it is but you messed up on the arrows / n p so now i have to move my had to go down. There is another issue here too but would take me too long to explain. - You have to type two letters to up a level instead of one. I think its ridiculous that you’ve changed the functionality of u. Also makes it worse that it performs a seemingly similar task but actually does something totally different. I'm training myself to get over this but I just dont feel is something worth retraining over! - Another pitfall is when composing emails you cant see your inbox in the BG. Which is often so key! This is another example of you removing a feature for the sake of being minimal, right? I have to keep gmail open in another tab to still work fast enough so that this Is not an issue. - Another pitfall: Its pretty annoying that I can only see dates and not times. Have to open and hover for a time #thatsucks #stopremovingfeaturesforthesakeoflookingpretty - There are other pitfalls, like lacking boomerang features, but i know that's coming. Still relevant to this point though as its a pitfall and you lose it right now when you switch. Overall there is so much that i'm missing from gmail that doesnt seem like its a pending feature that you're going to add. I'm fine with not having everything from gmail here, but then if you want to take away stuff the additional benefits should be there to compensate. Thats what i'm missing.
Offline mode.
Someone that is really into minimal design.
Answered in question 2.
Somewhat disappointed
It's really great for my morning inbox cleanup. It's really fast and easy. For the rest of the day it's easier to use Gmail because of gchat, calendar, number of pending emails on different buckets.
It's fast when I need to do kind of mechanical work and browse important emails.
executives, recruiters, sales people
Think more about integrations and toolkits that people usually use with their emails. e.g. chat, calendar, extensions, etc.
Co-founder, VP Product
Somewhat disappointed
I'm addicted to the speed and love the look.
I could go back to regular gmail on desktop and inbox on mobile if I had to.
Relaxing yet powerful e-mail flow.
Someone who gets a lot of e-mail and actually wants to go through it.
I'd like a way to know if there are pending ops (mail to be sent, for example).
Co-founder, CTO
Somewhat disappointed
I only recently started
Spark or Polymail
Speed and a good clean experience
Entrepreneur managing a lot of emails
Would really, really appreciate a Mac app + iOS app
Founder, COO
Somewhat disappointed
I'm enjoying using Superhuman *A LOT*, but it hasn't permeated my daily habits yet. I suppose it takes a long time to do that, since I've been using the same email tool for the last 15 years (!!). But anyway, as much as I enjoy it, my fallback is tolerable.
Back to Apple Mail.
Zen. Superhuman hides all the other distractions, and remind me that the trick to tackling email is one-at-a-time.
ADD folks. And people who are trying to be more productive.
Still just one thing: I treat my inbox as a task list. Sometimes I leave a single email in a thread because there is something I need to act on it. But the thread continues. Since Superhuman collapses threads into a single object, it isn't possible for me (or I can't figure out how) to identify which emails in a thread are still in my inbox, and which are fluff. Worse: since you put the latest email in a thread in my view, I've accidentally marked a thread as done, when there was an outstanding task in the thread that I forgot I left in my inbox.
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
There are certain cases that are not covered for me, and I have a feeling that I am missing something. In terms of my inbox, I feel confident and Superhuman provides really amazing experience. But I have some stuff to track that doesn't go to my inbox and I have to check some other buckets to not lose anything. Having the number of emails in each bucket would be really helpful.
It's really fast and easy to use
Executives and also advanced computer users that like interacting with the computer as fast as possible.
Would be great to have a mobile version. Also, handling the problem of monitoring other than inbox bucket would be awesome. The simplest solution would be having the number of unread emails next to each bucket.
Co-founder, VP Product
Somewhat disappointed
It has steam lined my primary email experience but still lacks important features that I need
Gmail web interface
Speed / simplicity / freedom from distraction
Better calendar integration , send later, insert appointment scheduling into body
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
1. I still end up using gmail everyday for the places where superhuman doesn't work (mostly calendar, displaying some html email incorrectly) 2. I'm still just getting use to using superhuman on a daily basis, probably need to use it for 30 days or so for it to become indispensable.
. gmail
Speed, hotkeys, better workflow because i go through my email quickly using hotkeys. Consistent visuals across all email.
Tech people because it's pretty sophisticated to use. I don't know how accessible/mass market the product is/will be.
I've had some issues with sending reliability.
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
Love kb shortcuts, snoozing and the overall UX. But would also grudgingly go back to Inbox if necessary.
Inbox by Gmail
A lot easier to get to Inbox Zero, plus a much nicer interface. The dark theme is actually a great feature for me.
Vim and Emacs users.
Already sent in lots of feedback. Will send more. Keep it up guys!
Founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
it's nice but hasn't felt like a groundbreaking improvement to my workflow so far
probably a placebo sense of urgency to be fast and productive when I churn through my inbox
managers, directors and vp level execs
better AI integration, suggesting actions on emails proactively and building in snippets into suggested replies and complex actions
CTO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Product is not finished & some minor bugs makes me feel it is not a robust solutions yet
I work faster through my emails
Shortcuts are great but when I switch between two apps and start typing in the wrong app. I can trigger actions without noticing...
Co-founder, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
Although there are many useful features already usable in the software there are still many features/ functions missing; which would make me choose "very dissapointed"
its quick. really takes away the use of mouse , the more I use it the quicker I get.
a heavy keyboard user. not ordinary pc users. people that need to work and act fast. programmers definitely as they are living on keyboard.
have a native app for mac, ipad and ios. unify inboxes.
CIO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
There's definitely some very nice shortcuts, views and affordances that I've gotten used to with Superhuman that would be quite disappointing to give up if I had to go back to Gmail. It's just a much more enjoyable experience.
Gmail web
Faster, more focused, easier and just more enjoyable management of email.
People who are in their email all the time - sales people, entrepreneurs, investors, networkers, etc., or people who focus a lot on their productivity.
I've already shared specific feedback directly through the product, so I don't have a ton to add here outside of that :)
Head of Product, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
It's an incremental improvement upon my existing email workflow but it's not as if losing superhuman meant i couldn't email people anymore.
Mailspring and Inbox
peace of mind, flow
high touch communication professionals, delegaters
I'm not sure
Co-founder, Chief Design Officer
Very disappointed
I really feel in charge and funny enough I feel super human. I achieve inbox zero on some of my split folders consistently.
Gmail :-(
Fast triage. Reply-send super fast.
high achievers that want to control their email instead on being control by it.
Make it easier to split boxes for groups of people or organizations. I want to create a split for my top clients, so for example I would love to be able to split by or or etc.
General Manager
Very disappointed
Increases my productivity on email by a factor of at least 3-4x
Go back to Apple Mail probably :-( or look for a closer alternative
Speed of work
Anyone whose professional (or personal) life involves a lot of email
Better 'traceability' of what I've done. It would be useful to be able to see a high-level history of what I've done so that if I do something by accident (e.g. hitting a keyboard shortcut I didn't know) and I miss it at the time (so can't just hit Z) I can go back and trace my steps. Also, sometimes it doesn't register people with my domain as 'Team' so the Team inbox doesn't always work.
Investment Manager
Very disappointed
The keyboard shortcuts for everything make me so much more efficient. Some of the best touches: booking meetings and cal auto shows up and can change days (so clutch), tab to accept meetings, staying within message previews when archive (rather than go back to main inbox), snippets (though haven’t used a ton yet, it brings me so much joy when I can), the Cmd shift I to move to bcc (so clutch)
Gmail, and I would try to find extensions to try to get me close to what superhuman offers. And undoubtedly would be very disappointed.
Can action emails far quicker. Massive throughput increase.
Person who is highly needed by others (Product, BD, Sales). Many responses are consistent, and also booking meetings is frequent. Superhuman excels on both.
Does this sync with Salesforce? I actually have completely ignored that and my org would be pretty frustrated if it didn’t... Otherwise, offering attachment previews (like GMail does) would be a big benefit. A colleague who was considering using superhuman called that a huge miss.
Senior Partner Manager
Very disappointed
Superhuman helps me conquer my email a lot quicker.
The keyboard shortcuts allow me to save a lot of time.
Consultants, managers, and anyone who has a high email volume.
The interface seems like it's embedded in a browser still.
Junior Manager, Company Assistant
Very disappointed
Superhuman has allowed me to speed through my email in a way I haven't been able to before, and has motivated me to strive for inbox zero every day.
I'd probably go back to Spark on MacOS. Not sure on my phone, as I haven't been thrilled with anything there. I was just using Apple Mail, but not really satisfied with it.
As mentioned above, speed and motivation to get to inbox zero. Keyboard shortcuts are a godsend.
Anyone dealing with a lot of emails that's willing to learn keyboard shortcuts.
Product Marketing Manager
Very disappointed
It makes email so easy by prioritizing the most important emails so that I can tackle them and move on.
Fast email management
Anyone who spends more than an hour reading and responding to email.
Integrate with Google apps (specifically calendar and Drive – docs, sheets, etc.
Creative Manager
Very disappointed
I love how fast it is and it saves me lots of time.
Speed, enjoyment of email.
Speed. Keyboard shortcuts.
More easily see overview of accounts. Built proper web viewer - existing one has a number of issues.
Project Manager, Developer
Very disappointed
Really really impressed with Superhuman so far. Everything is fast and intuitive, and I feel like I'm so much more productive with my email.
No idea. All the options I checked out after Newton got shut down before I had Superhuman access were very disappointing.
Speed in processing my email.
People who have large amounts of email to process on a daily basis, or those who use lots of reminders.
Automatic switch to dark theme when OS X flips to dark mode.
Technical Program Manager
Very disappointed
I feel so much more productive and focused throughout the day using Superhuman.
Back to Gmail I suppose
Productivity. Hitting Inbox Zero makes me feel like I can focus on my actual tasks rather than looking at a full inbox thinking there's emails in there that need to be attended to.
Anyone who uses email everyday. But truly, office managers and executive assistants can extremely benefit from Superhuman.
Office Manager
Very disappointed
It’s made me more efficient in my day to day. I’m not letting emails sit. The remind feature on mobile is also super helpful as I travel just about every week.
Back to gmail
Shortcuts are super efficient. I also spend the majority of my workday in email and with it open as the main page on my screen, and the interface is just a beautiful experience. No clutter, and the softer tones are great.
Sales people, and execs that need to be able to hone in on what’s super important and needs to be prioritized
Had an issue today on a plane with no wifi. I kept trying to pull up email and it was just spinning — need the offline mode to work for me to function while traveling, so this was dissapointing
Sales Manager
Very disappointed
I have never had such a seamless and enjoyable email client before. It is truly lightning fast and enjoyable to go through your inbox
always being on top of my work
any person
Make the calendar more integrated as I stil do not have full insight into this through the superhuman interface. Only thing i can point at, at this juncture
Organizational Manager, Community Team
Very disappointed
I have become very accustomed to & reliant upon the intuitive shortcuts & organizational features.
Individuals with large e-mail volume; individuals that manage various accounts or contact lists; individuals that complain about e-mail
Integrations and delegation
Product Operations Manager
Very disappointed
I'm able to go through email so much faster. I'm not sure I could live without all the shortcuts
Not sure, it'd be hard to find something to go back to
Go through email much faster, desktop reminders, open receipts, fast search, snippets. The list goes on and on
Any professional who uses email a lot and is looking for a better experience.
I wish I could swipe left or right on the iOS app to move emails into folders. Also, it would be nice if emails would auto-label based on how I've moved/labeled previous emails. I realized I mostly move emails into folders, but I could switch to labels+marking as complete if the auto-labels were correct all the time. Because the web/Mac version is so great with all the shortcuts, the iOS app seems much slower as I go through email, although I imagine it's hard to get the iOS app on the same level as the desktop version in terms of productivity.
Manager, Managed Services
Very disappointed
I have never experienced such a fast email answering experience. Also, the offline and and mobile features are incredible.
Not sure. Mixmax is not an option anymore due to GDPR.
can answer emails with reminders from my phone
sales people
make sure you're GDPR compliant PLEASE
Partnerships Manager
Very disappointed
has really helped with my ability to get through all of my emails in a day / more efficient search system so I can stop filing individually
lots of time back from not having to go through email finely
entertainment professionals
ability to not group conversations (I know this seems counterintuitive but love seeing the individual emails as opposed to whole conversations)
Partner Manager, Creators, Publishers
Very disappointed
I have been using Superhuman only for a few days, but I already start seeing the impact on my productivity. I love the shortcuts!
Shortcuts, slick interface
EVERY knowledge worker
Please bring the iPhone version! Also sometimes, loading the App on mac takes some time but I'm sure it will get improved quickly. Thanks for working on this amazing product!
Marketing Manager, EMEA
Very disappointed
You are easy, you are good, you are clean and smart. Can’t go back anymore to newton.
Clean design. Smart functions like keyboard shortcuts. Fast.
People who have a lot of mails daily.
Maybe the design....
Sales Manager
Very disappointed
Reduce crashes
VP General Manager
Very disappointed
it makes me less stressed when working through my inbox. i feel empowered to slice through things and the ui doesn't give me anxiety
wework community managers
mobile!!! also native desktop notifications instead of chrome
Growth Project Manager
Very disappointed
Superhuman mysteriously helps me blow through email quickly. I enjoy the interface and the functionality offered is truly not found anywhere else.
Probably Airmail? I might try to use browser Gmail again and try to add plugins, though I could predict i'd quickly be frustrated.
Having SOMETHING to do with an email, regardless of the situation. Whether it's remind, reply, etc., I rarely feel like I need to leave an email in the inbox.
Someone who knows and cares about tech or is passionate about productivity or the busy professional who cares about design. I don't think someone who's just busy will care, it has to be a progressive individual who wants to find better ways to work.
Anything at this point is truly a random wish list. Calendar integration would be fantastic. Macros would be excellent and helpful. Other clever, insightful ways of helping people answer email better that distinguish you in the market.
Business Operations Manager
Very disappointed
I love the intuitive keyboard shortcuts, I have been working hard to use gmail shortcuts and superhuman is reinforcing that.
gmail, boringggggg
You are forcing me to reply to emails that I typically sit on.
busy people who feel underwater
search for me has not immediately brought back the results i was looking for
Partner Operations Manager
Very disappointed
It’s already made me faster - and has even pushed me to use shortcuts that exist on other platforms like gmail but I never perviously took advantage of. Changes the whole approach to email...
Gmail with boomerang and other add ons
Right now it’s the onboarding to show me all the shortcuts and features
Needs to be people who are always striving for more productivity, who understand that $30 for a few extra hours of work time is a bargain
Improve search functionality
National Manager Operational Excellence
Very disappointed
Superhuman has helped comb through many hundreds of emails in a matter of 2 weeks across 2 work email accounts and 1 personal email account.
The shortcut-centric approach to the experience.
I think that even light email users would benefit from the shortcut-centric nature of the product - it's addicting.
Engineering Manager
Very disappointed
The platform is miles ahead of other mail clients.
Anyone who uses emails heavily
It tends to freeze at times if it's been open for numerous hours. Also if threads have a lot of emails.
Senior Agent, Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It's a great piece of technology that makes me better at email, but sometimes it just feels like a skin on top of Gmail.
People who live inside Gmail professionally.
More integrations - specifically "Send to Slack"
Regional Sales Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I think I can adapt by drastically changing my approach in Gmail or using a competitor – but I like using Superhuman so far. Granted, currently I don't use the mobile version and still rely on Gmail on my (android) phone
Use Gmail or a competitor
Split inboxes in a way that's useful to me + a more performant interface than Gmail (sad but true)
Someone who gets a lot of junk emails and needs help staying organized
The ability to select all emails would be amazing. Also, more keyboard shortcuts (like seeing all labels)
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I think shortcuts are great! ...but some integrations would be nice. Asana, Zoom, calendar, Evernote, Slack
2 level management
integrations. see before
Senior Investment Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It's good but I need to onboard more effectively
Efficiency / Clarity
Any job primarily driven through mail
A better way of learning. The emails for shortcuts are good but I forget them - I also see many cheat sheets online for shortcuts. There is probably a better way of creating a clear mental model for people. If you do X, this the main shortcuts for you. If you do Y, this is the main shortcuts for you.
Group Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It hasn't revolutionized my workflow (perhaps due to my own ignorance) but it has sped things up pleasantly.
Back to Gmail and the using more liberally the creation of groups in which to file emails
Getting to Inbox Zero everyday is helpful for me to psychologically "move on" from email content and get productive on other pressing matters more quickly and more often in a single day.
Execs with literally 100s of "important" emails hitting their inbox every day
I don't even actively pay attention to the differences between the iOS and desktop experience. I just run through emails and do email searches for past content as needed.
VP, Risk Analysis Senior Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I am still learning the speed - With simplicity comes the ability to hide from email (oops). Love it for focused email checking but I miss stuff every once in a while. And I still think it's pricey. But I am with you guys. ;)
I just finished reading Hacking Growth so it's funny taking this survey. :) I would go back to Polymail
Lightning speed. It's CRAZY fast!
Sales folks and those getting over 100 emails a day in their inbox.
I am not sure right now - Just learning and playing. More to learn!
Regional Sales Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I like it, it's not the end of the world without it :)
Busy/lots of emails
Suggest at least the name of the person I'm writing to when starting "Dear..." (like Gmail) When writing long emails that have formatting like lists and stuff it starts to move very slow. Not a hardware issue, I'm on a somewhat new Macbook pro. The speed issue is especially present after a punctuation mark like comma or period.
General Manager
Not disappointed
Apps don’t offer enough beyond what Gmail already does to justify price
Gmail apps
Someone who doesn’t have control of their inbox and manages dozens of concurrent conversations.
Rendering is buggy and inconsistent
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I feel way more on top of my email, but if Superhuman wasn't an option I would go back to polymail or something that was kiiind of good but not as good.
Faster email browsing -> more time back in my life
Honestly anybody, it obviously works more if you're getting / sending tons of email, but there's no reason a casual emailer can't also use it
I want superhuman to be able to block other peoples trackers. I want to be able to get notified and have it more visible when others open my email
Technical Lead Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I'm starting to gain some efficiencies through using it - but it's very expensive so if I couldn't any more then I save a lot of money. Also there are still some kinks to work out - like copy/pasting bullets doesn't always work well (as an example).
Encourages me to learn keyboard shortcuts.
People who do a ton of external email work (Business development, sales), engineers who want more efficiency and structure in their emailing.
Bugfixing, auto gmail filtering
Senior Revenue Strategy Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I would go back to Gmail, which can mimic a lot of the same behaviors I was accomplishing with SH
Organization, inbox gamification, punctuality
Sales orgs, C Suite
National Sales Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I love that Superhuman forces me into the proper workflow and teaches good hygiene. But after learning the hygiene, I could utilize the Gmail interface to do the same thing and configure the shortcut keys. The key to your success will be to add more value added features that do not exist in the standard gmail interface
Combination of GMail and Shift
Keyboard shortcuts and keeping my inbox organized
people who are busy
A full calendar integration. I would love to view my full calendar by hitting a key or tab. Also I would love to pin my day view instead of having to hit 0 everytime
Lead Product Manager, Cloud Products
Not disappointed
The product does exactly what it says it will. I can easily manage my inbox.
Go back to Gmail. But, I'd add plugins to use snippets. Maybe find a way to better manage hide until option that Superhuman has.
It brings order to the chaos of an inbox.
Business owners. Mid to upper management. Marketers. in-house marketing teams. Remote teams.
Build a snippet library or starter kit. Build in automations (if this than that).
Digital Marketing Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I would miss the fun inbox-zero celebration (images).
Ugh - back to gmail as they have designed it. Plus, YAMM for mail merge - which I still need to use for now.
Faster, better way to manage my emails. Building good "behaviors" by hitting all my priorities and then moving on.
People who must communicate via email.
Please add mail merge. I really need this.
Program Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I'm still getting used to Superhuman, so haven't gotten to that point that everything is natural to me. But I can see this getting to the point where I have to have it in order to work efficiently. (there's still a lot of features that I'm still discovering, like Snippets).
Probably Gmail, but really try to understand keyboard shortcuts to structure it similar to Superhuman
The keyboard shortcuts and little features like Snippets or adding "+" to add in people. The fact that I never have to touch the mouse is great - I wish more apps were like this!
Probably a VC. Less so a CEO for an early stage company (harder to justify the cost
Add keyboard shortcuts to download attachments, enable chatting (google hangout chats
Senior Investment Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I think the shortcuts definitely help me get through email faster, but I wish there was more automation around scheduling meetings, because that's such a huge time suck for me.
faster responses & getting through my inbox faster. Also, being able to focus on the emails that are important -- instead of spending a lot of time wading through newsletters & google drive notifications.
People that get tons of emails each day
scheduling calendar appointments & Zoom meetings (I like the calendar view, but would love to actually schedule calendar appointments and increase automation around that (i.e., "perfect! I've scheduled our meeting for XX")
Marketing Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Solid tool, makes it efficient to manage emails. Not to the point where I could not live without it though
Efficiency, solid apps, distraction free experience
Busy hands-on executive
Unified inbox view, configurable shortcuts
Operational Finance Manager
Somewhat disappointed
While I only see a slight speed improvement from Superhuman (mostly because my Gmail flow was already pretty tight), I find I enjoy using Superhuman much more than Gmail. I particularly appreciate the speed and responsiveness of the mobile app.
Gmail on Desktop, and a combination of Gmail (for work) and the native mail client (for personal mail) on iOS.
How fast it is, both on Desktop and Mobile.
A former software engineer in a more business-focused role.
Colored labels, showing which labels have unread messages, support for configuring filters, avatars for people. Also, consider dropping the low-readability custom font.
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
superhuman doesn't help me as much as i wish it did
probably gmail web app
keyboard shortcuts?
someone who thinks new tech is cool
there are just random bugs, i have to quit and restart the app regularly. i would like superhuman to help me make calendar events based on my emails, not just show my calendar in the pane. i would also like to be able to view both of my inboxes in a more consolidated way when i want.
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman has some features that I really like - it’s fast, search is better than with the Gmail app, and I like the keyboard shortcuts. That said, it’s not $30/month better (even in an ideal state) and it also doesn’t integrate well with my existing Sanebox flow. I find myself stuck between either going full bore with Superhuman and leaving a lot of the work that I’ve done with Sanebox behind or going back to Gmail and losing a lot of the features I like with Superhuman.
Gmail + Sanebox
Speed, better searching, keyboard shortcuts
A person who loves tech and technology, but is still using a lot of the “basic” Gmail functionality either for work or personal e-mail.
My Sanebox filtering is “better” for me than the Superhuman filtering and there is really no way for me to access it and use it without junking all of it. If you make Superhuman more Sanebox compatible, then I would use it.
Inbound Marketing Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It’s been great for my efficiency, and I’ve really enjoyed using it.
Probably back to gmail on web
The reduction of cognitive load on things other than specifically responding / composing while using email
Probably frequent users of email with organization top of mind
I think the tabbing could be better. When you create a new tab it automatically opens in the email you last added. Furthermore, when using external links that call out to email it creates a new tab which suffers from the above problem.
Project Manager, Lead Support Worker
Somewhat disappointed
I like some of the functionality. It does take some time to get used to the shortcut keys and how it's organized.
probably return to Gmail or apple mail
reminders to follow up and not losing emails
people with lots of emails
Talent Acquisition Manager
Not disappointed
I'll go back to gmail + mixmax
Gmail + mixmax
Flow to go to Inbox Zero
Calendar availability feature like Mixmax
Growth Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I feel that this is a more of a behavioural issue than it is a feature/functionality one. Don't get me wrong, it's crazy to see how broken email is but I'm trying to square the $30/month for a service that has been free for my entire life.
Peace of mind - inbox zero is amazing. I just feel optimizing my workflow is a breath of fresh air.
Someone who gets +200 emails a day and almost uses their inbox as an organizer. I'm going to recommend a few friends.
Being able to book meeting directly from suggesting it in an email would be out of this world. I might pay $30 just for that feature. I was told this might be in the works? Lastly, I understand the colour choices for the platform from a high level but they definitely don't meet accessibility contrast minimums. The carbon look and feel is much better than the default but I'm sure that Teresa can help you with that. ;)
Senior Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Still learning
Speed & responsiveness
concentrated on details - SH really helps save time and make decisions
Country Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Still getting my feet wet really. I do love the product and discovering more and more each day.
Traditional email apps I guess.
Prioritizing emails into actionable buckets.
Someone who receives huge volumes of email
Reorganizing the tabs/categories is all I can think of
Market Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I think its a great product and its helped me respond to more emails than ever before, but there are other platforms to fall back on
responding to emails. gamifying inbox 0.
sales roles (getting back to clients), managers (discussing high priority items internally), execs
automated reminds to follow back up with people
Partner Development Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I was already comfortable with using filters, keyboard shortcuts, Boomerang, multiple inboxes, etc with Gmail
Mailplane on Mac, Boomerang, Spark on iOS
Split inboxes
Someone less tech savvy
More standard keyboard chortcuts (Cmd-N for new message, Cmd-R to reply)
Senior Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It's very difficult to get used to a new email platform
My old Newton still works. Besides that I believe I'd use spark
Speed, beauty / design, shortcuts
People that use email a lot, that have multiple inboxes, that cares about design / ellegancy
Folders and labels stack are just one level but I use multiple levels. I use My Mac menu on the left side so it conflicts with superhuman. Get all inboxes together... More details about the read status. These days screen was freezing when I had multiple emails stacked... don't know exactly why or how to explain it.. should have recorded.
Media Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Overall, superhuman has made my life much easier & I no longer dread having to go through my email.
Back to good old Gmail... :(
A simple to use interface & an organized inbox. The organized inbox makes my life much easier.
I see this as best for people in a work or business setting. I do not use it much for personal emails.
Key commands are difficult to remember when getting started. It would be helpful to see keycommands for every hover / mouse action. Also, PDFs when oped do not show the standard Red / yellow mac buttons it just says "button"
Operations Manager, Charger Operations
Somewhat disappointed
It makes life easier, but it's not an essential thing to do my job. I can find other tools for cheaper to supplement things, and also not having the Asana integration that is baked into email really hurts.
Mixmax + Gmail as I was using before
it's really fast, and I never was using keyboard shortcuts before. I love being able to do everything on desktop that I can on mobile.
Startup person, most likely in management, and also managing external relationships
I'd love to have the ability to add private notes to an email convo (maybe referencing a follow up I need to have in person
Marketing Manager
Somewhat disappointed
It's definitely helping me get through email faster so I'd miss that. There are some features still missing that I miss in Gmail.
Something about using keyboard shortcuts for all of this seems to not only make things functionally quicker but triggers me to make faster and clearer decisions about what to do with each email. Other than archive, I wasn't using many keyboard shortcuts in Gmail before.
Anyone that gets a lot of email
I haven't been using it much. Tried to skip those questions but wasn't able to. I'm sticking purely to the web experience in Chrome.
Technical Support Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I like my ZERO inbox 😉
Use Gmail
Fast access to all my email.
Coders and executives!
The schedule send is not alight with daylight saving
Project Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman is the best desktop experience I've ever had. I would definitely miss it. The mobile app is good, but doesn't stand apart from other mobile apps I've used as much as the desktop app does so I wouldn't have as much trouble replacing it
Most likely go back to Spark
The Keyboard shortcuts are absolutely amazing
Honestly: Anyone. Or at least anyone who is savvy with shortcuts
* Dark mode runs into issues with different font colors. * Can be tough to differentiate between different messages in a thread sometimes if you are scrolling through quickly
Engineering Manager
Not disappointed
Although I have used Superhuman a lot lately I am not yet fully adicted nor convinced
Shortcuts save time and RSI
A very heavy email user
General Manager Benelux
Somewhat disappointed
I like it but it honestly doesn't feel like a revolution vs. Gmail. It has a few nice improvements. I don't feel a whole lot more productive in it.
I would go back to Gmail
Speed, offline access, that calendar thing on the right
Exec or sales, someone who lives in email
I have already sent a bunch of feedback
Senior Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I'm relatively new to Superhuman so it's not like I've forgotten how to use Gmail directly, but it's definitely a nicer experience.
Efficiency (keyboard shortcuts, one place with multiple inboxes in separate tabs, separate app rather than browser tabs)
email nerds: heavy email users with busy schedules
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
There are still some features that Gmail does a bit better.
Gmail & Boomerang
streamlined, pretty.
someone with zero inbox structure.
inline/embedded images. i surprisingly use this feature A LOT and default back to gmail when i need to.
Talent Programs Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I’m neither dependent nor independent of the product
Inbox by Gmail, or Gmail
Great user experience
Power user
Return to inbox!
Senior Manager, Podcast Marketing
Somewhat disappointed
i'm using it as my primary inbox, and enjoying a lot, but also putting a fair amount of effort into the change...falling back to gmail i'd still live, but i'd start to miss individual features of superhuman
keyboard shortcuts speed me up
mobile app, better printing functions, calendar integrations, easier cc function/shortcut
Somewhat disappointed
It's been very useful for triaging email
Inbox by Google
Sales, Support, and probably people who do most of their work outside of email.
Speed on my old MacBook Air (2015)
Senior Communications Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I only just started using Superhuman (Thanks, Peter!) and really like it; however there are a couple of features I need for my job that are not available. I feel much more zen in Superhuman than Gmail and would definitely prefer to keep using it .
Peace of mind and productive email flow. Love not seeing the number of unread emails and scary bolded messages in my inbox, and also love the separation of Important and Other. I'm getting through everything much more quickly than before.
Anyone with a desk job!
I'm having performance issues making the speed very slow. In addition the main feature I need for my job in marketing is the ability to send messages from aliases and change my signature. Currently I can't send from google groups that I'm a part of or aliases that I've been given access to, and I can't see my signature to check and make sure it's the right one and/or edit it. In addition I wish Drafts went into a draft folder. I often need to keep an email open for most of the day to check in on tasks, but I dislike that when I'm going through my Important folder and I get to that draft, I have to hit Escape and then manually go around it to the next message.
Assoc Product Marketing Manager, Executive Marketing
Somewhat disappointed
just hasn't saved me any time. I had high hopes.
it's a better UX
someone who is completely disorganized
not sure
Manager, Corporate Events
Somewhat disappointed
It's great but the status quo wasn't terrible
Faster and more intuitive UI, better keyboard shortcuts, Split Inbox to organize by topic
busy professional
Switching between accounts is a bit too much like entering a different universe.. I would rather think of each account more like a different set of Splits than a whole separate place to go to. And the Ctrl+# shortcuts are a bit awkward finger position. I'd also like to be able to Tab between links in the message (e.g. to "click" on the 'tell us about your experience' link in the email that got me here) If I could easily switch an email from one account to another would be useful -- ie. change the "From" address on an email. Often I'll hit Compose and _then_ realize I want this message to come from another account, so I have to back out, go somewhere else, and do it again, which sucks. Super minor annoyance: I keep seeing my own LinkedIn profile and it's not the one I want to show.. I have multiple current positions and the one it lists is not my primary job (even though I have my primary set properly in LinkedIn) -- I wish I knew what was driving that...
Senior Analyst, Project Manager, Engagement Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Ease of use. Shortcuts.
Folks who uses email A LOT
Engineering Manager
Somewhat disappointed
The hype around your product is so phenomenal it underwhelms the legit value it delivers.
G-mail, but I'd invest more time in maximizing its functionality.
moving through me inbox more confidently that I'm not missing items.
You're taking a tech that SDRs use and optimizing and trying to sell it to execs. I think you should think of yourself less "exec" focused and more "everyman" focused.
Here are a few times that work for me:
Sales Manager
Not disappointed
it has some nifty features but it would not be the end of the world if I no longer had access to them
gmail client in chrome
it is slightly better at triaging my emails on a computer, i do not find it useful on iphone or ipad
someone who likes using shortcuts, those who like to drag and drop will not like this at all
I am not sure to be honest
IT Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I am getting into the groove of the keyboard-nav and efficiency gains (specifically, archiving bringing up the next message, where in the gmail interface I still have to advance messages). Not higher score because my unique world doesn't map perfectly to the SH logic, and some of your efficiency gains don't apply to me
Ask why, see what I could do to make the keyboard controls in Gmail behave like SH
lowers the amount of administration / consideration *between* tasks and decisions. Good filters make change costs lower, but the ease of navigating within those contexts is high in SH
Busy, efficient, stubborn, brilliant folks.
Honor contextually relevant HIG standards, including menus and command functions. Make it easier to macro repetitive tasks FORWARDING MY DANG RECEIPTS
Senior IT Manager
Very disappointed
I haven't been this impressed with a new software product for as long as I can remember. It's become ingrained in my daily workflow to help me deal with email faster than ever before.
I'd go back to a combo of Gmail on web and Mail on Mac / iPhone
The speed and reassurance of the experience - it just feels so solid.
It's insanely fast, but I guess my one quibble is that it doesn't feel very "native" on Mac – it's definitely not "A Mac AppTM" – it's an awesome web app in a light wrapper. I am not sure how to describe this better unfortunately, but if the app could feel more genuinely Mac-like, without losing the speed that would be amazing.
Very disappointed
Though I'm not 100% used to the workflow, as I get more used to it i'm more productive. My inbox stays uncluttered, and I can use my email as a TODO list.
Just the regular old gmail client :(
an email workflow that makes me more productive
Productivity freaks :)
The only thing i'm missing is auto bcc.
Very disappointed
I've been able to tackle email better with Superhuman. Not sure if it's the software or the behavioral change it ensued, but I've become a slightly better version of myself with it.
I've been told there are some Chrome extensions that allow injecting shortcuts into gmail. I'd try that.
Productivity and a sense of more control over my inbox.
People that are open to learning and using more of the keyboard shortcuts are the obvious choice. My mom certainly wouldn't be one.
Most html newsletters, that usually have a white background, are rendered weirdly in the carbon theme (white on a carbon background). Not sure how to solve it but there's a source of small anxiety.
Very disappointed
cause i got used to it :)
new gmail
speed and cleanliness of work process + declutter
busy execs receiving lots of email
make it even faster + have an unsubscribe shortcut (not just spam)
CEO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
the insistence on keyboard shortcuts is important. plus i generally owe it to superhuman for allowing me to hit inbox zero on an almost daily basis now!
keyboard shortcuts for everything. plus some nice-to-haves like the BCC thing
ios app needs some work because the bar is super high with the mac app. thanks for the awesome product!
CEO, Founder
Very disappointed
Where do I start? It's the perfect email client. It's quick, got all the capabilities I need (which with extensions on Gmail slowed down the email experience tremendously), has the best search out there. It's changed the way I work in but a few days.
It has all the super-power email capabilities and yet it's incredibly fast
Everyone who spends more than 30 seconds a day on email
Well it truly is the best product I could ask for - it would be great if: a. on the right bar, in the history of messages I have with a contact, there'll be more emails. b. Mutual LinkedIn connections with that contact. c. a "Translate" button (like Gmail has) to translate emails in other languages. d. As you are stating you like making the impossible happen, it would be amazing if you could miraculously connect to other instant-message protocols (e.g. SMS, Whatsapp, etc.) and be the user's 1-stop-shop for anything textual.
Very disappointed
because you deliver on your promise - making email-to-zero substantively easier to sustain, plus the beautiful implementation of reminders
I would revert to gmail, with tears
much easier email-to-zero, set-and-forget reminders
the person that does not use email to function, whether for business or in life (doubt there are many of those)
btw, I have not recommended it because I am still in my honey moon stage - that said, I certainly will; minor thing: sync drafts, otherwise your product vision is delivering massive value, you have kept your promise - bravo!
CEO, Chief Coach
Very disappointed
going back to gmail is unthinkable
a very large bottle of whiskey
I get through email faster and I am happier
any manager or executive
mobile app
Very disappointed
Is already integral to my day
Try to assemble functionality through GMail/Inbox
Time (both more productive, and working offline)
Founders, salespeople
Very disappointed
Fast and beautiful product. Excellent customer service makes me root for the team.
Outlook for iOS. Not sure for desktop :(
Shortcuts. Speed.
People who hate email but can’t escape it.
Unified inbox, including comprehensive search across accounts
CEO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
I already get upset when I'm away from my desktop (often) and need to use my mobile phone to check or reply to email! It's so fast, beautiful ... and being able to lean on the keyboard over the mouse or track pad is so comfortable and natural.
I'd stick with Outlook on iOS, and be a bit stuck on desktop. I've used gmail in the browser for years, but it's not ideal. I'd keep exploring other desktop applications like Spark or Polymail.
Ease of use / speed
People who dislike clutter and aim for inbox zero.
Mobile app!
CEO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
I've very recently become addicted to the speed of it, and then to a much smaller degree, the little bits & pieces of tasty features, e.g. the unsubscribe links and the "opened by..." stuff.
I'd go back to Gmail
Speed. Not just executional speed, but the way the flows are designed (e.g. closing one mail auto opens the next). I've gotten very used to it
Someone who receives bursts of emails and gets chunks of time to get through them. So probably leadership & C-level people. Basically anyone for whom email is their job
iOS app - it'll stop me changing gears and make me more used to Superhuman as a way of life. Also, minor UI thing that I know you all care about. Fitt's law, etc. - in this screenshot I want to use the mouse to follow the red line, but in doing so I accidentally deselect the mail I was highlighting. So I think some delay or better grasp of that flow would be nice. (This genuinely happens to me everytime I try to use the right hand bar)
Very disappointed
Superhuman has given me something I have lacked for a long time in my workflow - control over my inbox. I now control it, instead of the other way around. I'm more responsive to people who email me, I email out quicker, I have less decision fatigue, and I'm more organized. It would be painful to go back to Gmail.
Speed, heavy bias towards taking decisions, keyboard shortcuts
Executives, founders, sales, anyone who spends most of their day in email.
I noticed I need to go into Gmail to delete old labels or create new ones - that sucks. Just opening Gmail and waiting for it to load is anxiety inducing. If there was a way to bring the same level of thoughtfulness to an iOS product that would be amazing. It would need to be as optimized for mobile use as Superhuman is optimized for desktop/web interface use currently.
CEO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
Because it’s the only email client I don't hate.
Taking care of my email is more enjoyable.
More features: IMAP support. An iOS app. Unified inbox.
Very disappointed
It saves me two hours per day
Apple mail
Do hours of email without using my mouse
Anybody that spends more than an hour a day in email apps
Mobile app
CEO, Co-founder
Very disappointed
It's SO much better than gmail
Anyone who uses keyboard shortcuts on gmail
Very disappointed
it's probably quite early but speed is awesome, still need a few tweaks but loving it so far
probably still gmail
speed (that was not really the first when i joined, but you get used to it quite fast), keyboard shortcuts
power users who appreciate speed
already sent a feedback email, few UI things i've gotten used to before, having the ability to use templates, some kind of integration with calendar
CEO, Founder
Very disappointed
Because I'm getting really used to it. It is like getting used to using Gmail. I would be very disappointed to have to switch to another mail (SMTP/IMAP) provider.
/Shrug :) .. probably go back to Google's Inbox.
Speed. Aesthetics. I can do everything from the keyboard.
Hmm .. good question. I would say someone who actually gets a lot of emails and it is important for them to be able to reply quickly, embedded messages, ..etc.
Security. I don't feel comfortable to switch to using Superhuman for my work email account due to lack of backend security.
Very disappointed
Fast/responsive interface, fast search, offline mode (which I haven't used much yet, but intend to), many add-on features just built in (snooze, delayed send, undo send, etc), command line interface / good use of shortcut keys.
Gmail web browser + Outlook iPhone app
Faster responsiveness / navigation
High volume emailers, people who want to use shortcut keys and work through quickly.
Need gchat for work; is that a hard integration? That ends making me need a work gmail window open…
CEO of Yelp Eat24
Very disappointed
Processing email is much faster with Superhuman for 2 reasons: show one email at a time and overall speed is much better than gmail. I get through my inbox in half the time.
likely go back to gmail
speed, focus
anyone who manages a lot of email and is very busy
Improve search so easier to find items, support email delegates so my assistant can manage my inbox, fix reliability bugs, improve compatibility with textexpander
Ceos Marketing
Very disappointed
Daily Active User here
gmail :(
Increased productivity
People who like to be better
CEO, Founder
Very disappointed
It's made my life a lot easier when it comes to answering emails. Things are faster with the keystokes and I can just move through my inbox fast. The reminder feature is delightful.
Salespeople - My sales guy is buried in client emails, he needs this so badly right now
Please- for the love of God - allow me to send invites and schedule events from superhuman. As an early stage startup CEO I find most of my inbox is just me setting up meetings. If I could just send an invite with a few keystokes that would be amazing. I just hate having to tab back and forth between google calendar and superhuman
Very disappointed
Because superhuman makes it much quicker to swift thru emails and block/ignore spam and junk
Unfortunately resort back to standard gmail
Setting reminders, blocking spam, marking as done, and un-do resends.
Anyone who wants to maintain a clean inbox
Very disappointed
Integrated SH into my workflow super quickly
Probably back to vanilla Apple Mail
Email seems less like a burden, more like tiny tasks
People who already have a strong todo structure
Previews of message in right pane
Somewhat disappointed
It works great, I love, Its better than inbox
Gmail Inbox, Gmail, maybe another gmail add-on
Fast, smart options
Executives, Probably Tech ones, it is out of the norm when you compare it with Apple Mail or Outlook and it might be a hard transition for a traditional person. But Everyone who has a busy inbox will benefit. And every one who doesn't but likes bewtifull apps :)
I already sent some of my feature request like mark all as done, categories reminders based on tomorrow, next week, etc. Add Grammarly support!
Somewhat disappointed
I'm liking the service and getting used to it, would prefer to keep using it but don't (yet) feel my productivity would be impacted if it went away and I had to go back to gmail and other clients.
gmail (inbox, but that's evidently on its way out)
efficiency and focus, and currently making good use of snippets
folks with large networks doing business development and relationship management
suggested responses.
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman is really great, but you can’t have multiple Superhuman windows open and the Calendar support is lacking so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I still have to open gmail in another browser to work alongside Superhuman.
Gmail online
Keyboard shortcuts
Person with lots of emails
Allow multiple windows open and better Calendar support
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Still need to use Front. If I could fully replace it, I'd be very disappointed if I couldn't still use the replacement.
Speed & clarity
I don't have a good answer for you
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
I like the product but it is still missing a features like better email tracking list, aggregate inboxes. The iOS feels not on par with the Mac App.
I m faster at email :-)
CEOs, Founders, VCs, Project Managers
Anti- spy mode to block trackers, aggregate inboxes
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Has some great features but has some missed ones
Focus and smooth operation
RTL Advance tracking and notifications
Somewhat disappointed
i like it - tons of promise, still between it and gmail
smart non-gmail expert
Somewhat disappointed
I like it.. but still getting used to it so I could theoretically switch back to my old email client
Go back to my old setup
Fast. Encourages me to keep inbox zero
Pretty much just Management and Sales executives.
Get better calendar support and unified email.. at least unified email search. The worst experience is when you are looking for an email and you don't remember on which email account it was.
Not disappointed
Love the hotkeys the most. I know want hotkeys for all of the apps and websites I use.
Inbox by Gmail (although that is disappearing)
Speed (and also consolidation of many e-mail tools I used before: Hiver, Streak, TextExpander)
Business teams
Somewhat disappointed
Still getting used to it. Trying to decide if the costs are worth it.
Faster interface
Somewhat disappointed
I haven't reached the Superhuman Master level so I don't think I'm using it to its full extent yet. A lot of things are better than what I used to do in Gmail but nothing has been *transformative* yet. (I think it has the potential to be - just need to invest the time to learn more of the shortcuts, etc.)
I clear my inbox noticeably faster.
People who receive a lot of emails AND who are used to using keyboard shortcuts.
It's a bit memory hungry at times
the CEO of Teller
Somewhat disappointed
I really like Superhuman and I love using it but I'm not sure it's worth $30 per month yet
People who get a lot of emails and care about dealing with them asap
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
I prefer it to gmail, but is has yet to make me *much* faster
better sorting/navigating parts of my inbox. sorting of important emails is better than gmail's sorting, and is especially valuable for mobile notifications -- my phone isn't flooded with garbage every time i get out of a meeting
my sense is that salespeople could, although lots of companies compete there. yesware is similar, but there's also outreach and other automation tools. there's less stuff for recruiting, which is where i find superhuman to be superior. i guess i would say it's faster for creating and sending highly personalized emails.
already gave this feedback, but certain things could be better highlighted visually. like if i'm in a long email chain, highlighting my draft in a way that distinguishes it from the rest of the thread would be very helpful.
Somewhat disappointed
It's decent, but I'd like to like better navigation to my @SaneLater boxes via keyboard, better calendar integration (I want to see all the calendar not just day to day when I type something). (want to be able to see everything at a glance. Still I have my google calendar open. I still want to use the automatic responses like Inbox, which is convenient. It's nice but not quite there.
Google Inbox
Different Inboxes, VIP, other, etc. but inconvenient to go to @sanelater.
Saying "Connecting" feels broken both on mobile and desktop. Inbox feels faster.
Somewhat disappointed
It hasn't replaced Gmail for me. I'm not sure why. Logically it should have. But I do like it. CMD + K feels like a super-user feature and there are a few other things that are good. It's almost like I prefer superhuman when I'm "doing email" and I prefer Gmail when I'm purging or scanning email. So I'd be a little bummed because I like what you all are doing.
Back to using Gmail and clicking 5 times in order to do something like a barbarian
People who use Slack users and/or used to use Sublime for coding. Feels similar to Sublime.
Would love to preview the messages in the sidebar when `j`/`k`ing up and down the inbox. Reply to emails via mac osx notifications (similar to slack)
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman has me flying through my email, I love the experience!
Gmail native (web and mobile)
Feels very fast, lots of intuitive features in exactly the places I want them
Would love supporting multiple calendars within one account and the ability to create calendar invites
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Definitely digging Superhuman so far, but I've only been using it for ~2 weeks :) Much of the benefit is derived from keyboard shortcuts, so there's a bit of a learning curve.
Gmail web + Mixmax + iOS Mail
Snippets, the info panel on the right with social links, read states, shortcuts for common workflows (ie intros), great dopamine hits for getting to inbox zero (those backgrounds are fucking gorgeous), "remind me later" (being able to remind me on desktop is fucking amazing), and a very solid iOS app with feature parity.
People who receive 100+ emails a day (prob typically execs); engineers who are obsessed with keyboard shortcuts.
Switching accounts on iOS is extremely painful; the UI is similar to Gmail's iOS app, where you 1. pop open the left-hand menu, 2. Tap the tiny avatar for your other account. It's absurdly difficult to both reach this avatar on modern devices (iPhone X), and the touch area for it is tiny so I typically have to try 2x before actually hitting it. Compare to iOS, where you can 1. swipe-from-edge-to-go-back 2. at this point, if you swiped from the center-left of the screen, your thumb is already hovering over the table cells for other accounts. See: "iPhone thumb zone", Given how often I'm likely to switch accounts in a given day, this shouldn't be this painful. One of my favorite aspects of Superhuman is *not* being subject to Google's terrible design/UX decisions :)
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
i love the client. do feel a lot faster but a few minor things i’m excited that sound like they’re cominf
gmail + some ext
any manager or executive but many other folks who talk with clients customers etc
compose in sub window while i have other email open
Somewhat disappointed
Don't get me wrong, this is the best email app I have used. I spend most of my life on Mobile (iOS). I feel like the desktop app nails the product. The iOS app is lacking. I'm a product focused CEO and don't feel like the iOS app design/UX is nearly as sleek as the desktop. I'd like to see the iOS stack up better with "stunning visual design" like the desktop app.
Apple Mail (ugh)
Its beautiful and its fast.
Executives and managers to begin with. Those that get TONS of emails.
Level up the iOS app! Make it more beautiful. ;)
Somewhat disappointed
still not used to the keyboard commands yet
get through email faster
ceo/investor/high level executive
integrate calendar invites in some way into the experience
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman is definitely a better experience so I would be disappointed. Being very disappointed would probably be my answer once there is a Windows app and a more integrated calendar experience. (I know both are on the roadmap so looking forward to becoming more hooked!)
New gmail interface
Focused and fast email experience
Email superusers, and possibly those who come from a development background given the heavy reliance on keyboard shortcuts.
Windows native client, calendar in UI, conflict identification in calendar invites received in email
Somewhat disappointed
speed and elegance
wealthy people
Can you provide a list of tricks and techniques? I remember that there is a way to introduce a person and move to bcc, but can't figure out how to do it. Overall i am very happy with Superhuman
Somewhat disappointed
Love the speed, but I'm still getting used to 1) Not having a preview pane 2) Persistent badge counter on the Mac native icon
Spark mail
Power email user apt with key commands (rather than mouse)
\- Provide an option to have a preview pane on the right (or bottom?) - Have the Mac native icon badge only show unread emails rather than all emails
Somewhat disappointed
I could still go on Newton even if it is less good
Newton email
Fast, good shortcut, UX very impressive
I want analytics on my email. How many emails I receive, I send etc...
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
I really love the speed and ease of using Superhuman, it makes answering my emails much more efficient and delightful.
Loading speed & shortcuts
Managers, or people who are on email all day
\- It refreshes quite frequently if I keep it open in the background, which shows a big image that takes a long time to load and is distracting. - Can I remove that sidebar thing on hover? I have my dock on the left side of my screen and the thing pops up too much. - Can you just answer my emails for me? :)
CEO, Founder
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman has made email so much easier to keep my email at 0 inbox.
Easily keeping my inbox clean.
Busy entrepreneurs
Integrate calendar functionality and allow multiple email accounts to be merged.
Not disappointed
I think that Superhuman is the best email client I've used, but it offers features that are only marginally better than my suped-up gmail experience
Gmail + Gmail Labs
Added Keystrokes + Reminders
People who are open to keystroke navigation -- although with some education people who could use reminders in the right way
I'd like a unified account view of my email -- I don't want to have separate tabs open. This is particularly true on the iPhone where I have to select an account icon...
Somewhat disappointed
I’m getting very used to it
Someone who deals with a large qty of email daily
Make it less expensive
President, CEO
Somewhat disappointed
In-browser experience is a massive drawback (opening links in browsers tab - getting lost in command+tab {where-is-my-email-client-syndrom}, so haven't completely gotten addicted. HOWEVER the ability to speed trhough the inbox with keyboard commands only is MASSIVELY helpful and productive.
Apple Mail.
Speed in clearing in inbox, focus on task at hand, speedy search.
entrepreneur, sales people, marketers, any one that receives / sends a lot of emali.
Native Mac client
Not disappointed
despite appreciating the shortcuts, i'm still missing key functionality that I currently have in GMAIL with addons/labs which are free.
as above
time pressed, high volume email user
feature requests as per my emails/feedback
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Some bugs and I can’t use two key shortcuts (Spanish keyboard don’t allow “ ;” to be pressed without a key combination, by example, so I can’t use the Snippets feature). Some messages in my gmail inbox are missing in the Superhuman inbox and sometimes the E /done doesn’t work, the message stay in the inbox and not archived
Google inbox
Speed and offline access to emails
Some receiveng a lot of mails + tech savvy
Correct the “done” bug, correct the missing messages bug, add the possibility of defining our own shortcuts, adding a preview of the content of the message, add “download attachment” shortcut instead of only “open attachment”, in the inbox when there is an attachment the attachment icon desapears when you select the message (replaced by the done icon -> this upsets me, because there is no reason there is a loss of information because of having selected the message... Because mail and Calendar use are so linked (schedule meetings by email), having a calendar also will be very useful
CEO Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
It is good but need more time to feel that it is a game changer for me
Anybody with high volume emials
Reported some key issues already. Missing the smart address recommendation from mail a lot
CEO, Founder
Somewhat disappointed
It's a very nice laptop experience and makes it easy for me to maintain email discipline.
Probably revert to gmail or look at other services like spark.
Speed and cleanliness.
business people (i.e. handling a lot of comms)
Need mobile. I do 25-50% of my email on the move.
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Even there is no killer feature yet, I would miss the convenience and speed
Inbox + mixmax
Speed + convenience
Productivity freaks like me
I'd like to share some feedback: - Where is the outbox of scheduled emails? I miss that - Is there a mobile app? My flow breaks when I have to use different apps - While conducting searches, accented characters and non-accented characters are treated different... - Some shortcuts are not easy to access using a non-us keyboard
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
The hotkeys make things faster, but there are still things that are clunky like opening downloaded files and not being able to have more than one window open at a time (something I do all of the time). I'm still using Apple Mail to look things up while composing in Superhuman, so it hasn't replaced all of the functionality I need yet.
Apple Mail
boomerang functionality, slightly better workflow (but could be replicated on Apple Mail). Cancelled my MixMax subscription since read receipts are included.
Right now, someone with less complicated mail than I. I think my mail situation is a complexity level of 7/10. Maybe someone with mail complexity 3-5/10.
When I'm composing emails, there's a noticeable lag that doesn't appear in Apple Mail or Gmail-in-browser. Also opening downloadable files should be more consistent, or strictly better than the way everyone else does it. Also, I want to be able to have two things open at the same time -- look at an old email and compose a new one, for instance.
CEO, Founder
Somewhat disappointed
Still too new to my life/workflow to be that disappointed about having/not having it
Probably go back to gmail!
Hot keys! Less mouse time.
Anyone with a massive amount of email and who doesn't want anything falling through the cracks
I will continue to give feedback and have seen my feedback been responded to so let's just keep this cycle going!
Somewhat disappointed
It's pretty nice but also I'm ok using gmail
Ability to focus on crushing unread emails without distraction
Execs with a tech bent
I'm in pretty close contact about the small issues & ideas I have
Somewhat disappointed
There is no killer feature yet (most of them are in many other products)... it is more about the super speed and usability
Google Inbox + Mixmax
I process my inbox really fast using shortcuts
Productivity oriented people with high email load
Something like Calendar schedule feature in mixmax would be awesome... I schedule lots of calls and meetings
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
Enjoying the platform, not sure if it's worth the $29 / month price point yet
Enjoyable desktop email experience. Shortcuts.
Wealthy, tech savvy CEO or executive
Mobile. Preview pane. read receipts viewable on Sent items
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
It's only been a week and I don't think I've taken full advantage of the features (takes a bit of adjustment, sometimes easier to just revert to old habits. Not having chat integration is a little complicated
Like to use shortcuts, need help maintaining clean inbox
As above - chat integration would be helpful. Hellosign integration.
Not disappointed
i've just had it for a few days. so, if it were to disappear then i'd revert back to gmail web which i've used for 13 years...
gmail web app.
i'm not entirely sure yet.
not entirely sure yet.
it's the small stuff at this point... which is very early feedback... so, keep that in mind. the styling of newsletters and emails... big deal.
CEO, Founder
Somewhat disappointed
I still haven't completely shifted my workflow from Inbox... Snooze doesn't work the same, I badly need to be able to see two emails at once, and just still transitioning generally.
Inbox, begrudgingly
Speed/keyboard shortcuts
Heavy, heavy, heavy email users (who are execs)
Somewhat disappointed
It's a very good solution, still not sure if it's worth the price
Clean interface, keyboard shortcuts
Email pro user
Can't think of anything right now
CEO Yayvo
Somewhat disappointed
I think the notificaitons on read receipts are a big deal that Newton had and this software doesn't. Wish Newton wasn't out of business. Also the desktop mac app is sluggish - I use the browser, but I dont' want to.
Read receipts, clean interface, quick access shortcuts
People who deal with multichannel communications and would like to upgrade email to be a little more like modern tools
Maybe don't use Electron if you are
Somewhat disappointed
I love the ease of emailing and organizing of Superhuman. But I’m still missing some key functionality including scheduling in the app (sending available times and writing on my calendar in the side bar), grammarly plug in and a different reply signature.
Gmail with Boomerang, grammarly and Salesforce
Quickly moving through emails
Faster to receive emails
Somewhat disappointed
I've had some issues with the mobile app (battery use, waiting for messages to load, not iPad compatible), and the Electron (or whatever) approach for the "native" app is a bit wonky, so I'm not 1000% sold. I'm pretty enthusiastic however!
Probably iOS mail and Gmail web
My inbox has been empty since I started using it
Super heavy email users, executives/managers
Other that rewriting as a native app... not much. Pay super close attention to reflow events that cause the UI to jump around unexpectedly
CEO, Co-founder
Somewhat disappointed
It's my go to for tablet and desktop (and will be moved up when my pixel works too :)
Do some hacking to replicate aha it's too good
easier to keep on top of emails with my keyboard
keyboard natives
Windows native release - i like to work in windows rather than tabs
Somewhat disappointed
It's definitely an improvement, but gmail worked ok
it's way faster, and I love keyboard shortcuts
Anyone who processes a lot of email and wants to do it better
There are still occasional bugs or flaws in the workflow that could be ironed out
Very disappointed
I have never been inbox 0,0 before, and your prompt methodology has helped me become proficient with the keyboard shortcuts (something I haven't been good at before).
gmail native
fast-track to inbox 0,0
someone juggling a range of business and personal commitments, looking for a way to stay on top of all of the correspondence.
full calendar integration so that I can create and edit appointments.
VP, Strategic Business Development
Very disappointed
I really like the ease of being able to scroll through my emails. It is a clean UI with no more buttons than absolutely needed. It's a really big improvement but I do want to continue to see some important features be added in order to keep using it.
Gmail web client
it is so clean and crisp. To not have any more distractions than absolutely necessary is really important
Anyone who needs to send a lot of emails on a daily basis
I want to see integration to be able to add contacts to my google contact book. It adds a lot of time to have to open just to add notes to a contact. Also I really miss the autocomplete feature of gmail where it is very accurate in predicting what you are going to say. Snippets just aren't the same.
Head of Business Development
Very disappointed
superhuman is awesome
people who use a lot of email
multiple calendars,
Business Development Associate
Very disappointed
Superhuman saves me soooo much time and keeps me organized.
Time savings.
Any one who manages multiple projects.
VP Business Development
Very disappointed
I've tweeted numerous points of view, I guess the conclusion is; Superhuman "is" e-mail for me now.
Cry. No seriously, if it was overnight, i'd probably use standard Gmail, then start looking for "another" client.
Getting through daily e-mail quickly and efficiently, and peace of mind that everything is happening in the background (reminders etc) to make sure nothing get's forgotten.
The personas you (Rahul) have mentioned in articles and interviews remain the primary, I add (if they haven't already been tagged); medical, legal, accounting - artists, photographers, singers - athletes, foodies, restaurants, gyms etc.
Hah! All the stuff you have in your product pipeline asap ;-)
Business Development EMEA
Very disappointed
I have access to most premium email offerings but Superhuman cuts my processing time in half
Ability to focus on what needs to happen now
Someone who tackles many different focuses in their job
iPad App, URL schema to link to emails and workflows
Business Development
Very disappointed
Revolutionized how I move through email
Getting through email quickly & efficiently
Build more detailed calendar functionality & integration
Global Head of Business Development
Very disappointed
Hard to explain but superhuman is just many orders of magnitude better than any other email client experience
Probably native gmail clients
Speed. It’s winderfully fast and intuitive
People with lots of email activity
Automatic nudges and reminders for unanswered emails, pref based on context
Head of Business Development, Ecosystem
Very disappointed
Really loving the macOS client and I can honestly say it's helping me make my way through my daily trove of emails much, much faster and making me more efficient overall. I'd hate to lose it.
Back to gmail
Speeding through emails much more efficiently.
I liked how you could "pop out reply" in gmail so you could still see your inbox and access other messages while composing an email or reply. Either not yet a feature or not something I can figure out how to do yet.
Senior Director of Business Development, Developer Growth
Very disappointed
Superhuman does as promised: It makes me more efficient and I am closer to Inbox Zero than I ever imagined.
Efficiency. Productivity. More responsive on email.
Anyone who struggles with email.
Probably. Since I'm still adjusting, I figure everything is there and I need to get to it.
VP, Business Development, Strategy
Very disappointed
1. email is a fundamental part of my work (startup) and SH has made it much easier & efficient. 2. learning curve was steep (for a big gain), so disappearance would be a blow. 3. nothing else (in my view) comes close.
Speed & Simplicity
Email heavy, digital, designer/developper
Sent a long list of ideas to you ;-)
Business Development EMEA
Very disappointed
Power tools like unsubscribing and feeling more in control of my email is pretty powerful.
Inbox By Gmail & Sanebox
Clutter free email helps me find more time to be proactive with my work.
Technology geeks who aren't afraid of keyboard shortcuts and command line interfaces. Would be intimidating to normal biz user I think.
Documentation is non-existent and a pain point.
Partner, Strategic Development
Very disappointed
I love the interface, speed and advanced features.
back to Apple Mail and/or native gmail
increased efficiency. Sorting through lots of email threads is not fun. Superhuman does make it a lot less daunting.
High volume sales/technical teams. Sales executives, sales engineers, sales managers and anyone customer facing. Being able to quickly search, sort and filter is amazing.
I have been working with your team (Cam is great) on suggestions and bugs. Lets get some of those fixed so I can start fully recommending SH.
Eric Stresen-reuter Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Technical
Very disappointed
Keeps me organized
Status quo - gmail interface
someone who needs help keeping track of emails and who needs to respond in a timely manner but typically doesn't
Sometimes reboots the screen for no reason
Director, Business Development
Very disappointed
it's already made a huge difference in email speed
gmail web
huge email users: sales, business development, vc's, account managers, agents, etc
mobile app, slightly more contrast in visuals
Director of Business Development, Founding Team
Very disappointed
One of Superhuman's servers crashed for 30 minutes and I had to go back to gmail. It was awful.
Less stress from email, more efficient
Entrepreneurs and anyone in a role that deals with external actors - corporate development, biz dev, account executives, etc
Open emails in a new tab, ability to mass archive myself
Director of Business Development
Very disappointed
It's, quite simply, the best email experience I've had and I've been looking for years for a sort of 'end all be all' for email.
Go back to Inbox, I guess. Might try Airmail out again.
Speed. Speed. Speed.
Someone with large inboxes to triage.
Allow me to edit what shows up in the right side info box or turn it off altogether.
VP Business Development
Very disappointed
Superhuman is saving me time, and I am just starting to have muscle memory that's making me more efficient!
Boring-ol' Gmail.
Time Saving & More tools in one place
the over-extended manager that I always chase to get an answer from
Continue to build out outbound-sales focused features (like better read receipts)
Business Development Manager
Very disappointed
The UI is awesome and clean, the UX is neat and I actually do everything much faster with SH
I guess I'd go back to GMail loaded with tons of extensions as before
Save time and work offline
Busy executives and savvy email users like sales persons (though for sales more functions are required)
Release an iPhone app :) Also, I know it's not a common request but I'd really use an RTL support (for Hebrew emails)
VP Business Development
Very disappointed
Super design and speed.
I would find a team to help me re-build Superhuman
Design that promotes productivity/efficiency.
Executives with high volume of emails with short responses.
Mobile. I use Google Inbox which has a similar product ethos around 'Zero Inbox'.
Director, Business Development
Very disappointed
I spend most of my day on email and it makes my life better
Jump out the window
Others who spend alot of time managing emails (project manager types)
Change cursor color to white on the black background. Be able to create calendar invites directly from superhuman.
Vice Preseident Strategic Development
Very disappointed
I would no longer be super, just a human. Also, the hour a day I save at the minimum is appreciated by the kids :)
Gmail. Eww.
I enjoy checking emails, it’s like a fun game. Mostly though, the speed at which I can triage emails is unbelievable.
Sales! Executives. Humans. Probably Aliens.
Grammarly integration
Director, Public Safety Business Development
Very disappointed
(1) I can go faster. Even things that would take 3 clicks on the mouse, if I can do from cmd+K, I'm now feeling that time savings multiplied over a week. (2) Focus - For the first time, I'm finally able to find the right messages, fast and first, and deleting/reading the mailers doesn't get in the way of work related emails. I have 19 emails in "other" and I have confidence they are not work related and don't need to be looked at until I'm ready. (3) Inbox Offense, not Inbox Defense I'm able to more clearly choose what warrants a response right away, what can wait, and I love snoozing to desktop via mobile. I love snoozing mailing list things to the weekend to read later. I've found in the past week I'm the one doing all the follow up with conversations I'm having. Again... OFFENSE!
I would have to go back to Gmail and I would be sad and slow.
Control over the deluge of messages. Speed also.
PR professionals, who get even more email than I do. They're constantly following up. Biz Dev folks (like myself) because I'm constantly following up, but also need to email people at the *right time*. Finally, CEOs because they get tons of mail they can never respond to but want to read.
There's one major speed issue I keep running into, but is very hard to replicate (much less explain). This feedback is related to using a mouse. With Superhuman I use my mouse *significantly* less, and this is a huge benefit. This is a huge benefit that could be explained better. However, if it was pitched to me up front as a main benefit, I wonder if I would be intimidated at the perceived learning curve. I'm non-technical, so it would have made it sound like a terminal, which I use almost never. If you're using the mouse and rolling over a list of messages, sometimes the gray indicator hangs.
Senior Director, Business Development, Marketing
Very disappointed
It changed my life. Emails take less than half the time they used to.
I'd probably quit my job and delete all emails.
triaging emails super efficiently is definitely my top benefit
anyone who gets more than 75-100 emails a day
sometimes I like to have a draft open while browsing my inbox, probably the only good gmail feature
Director of International Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
nothing has been a game changer, although it is convenient
shortcuts and reminders
executive or sales person
UI formatting similar to gmail
Business Development, Director
Somewhat disappointed
Not all funcionalities integrated But Superhuman gives incentive to take action instead of putting on hold a conversation/draft
Gmail and/or other extensions
learning shortcuts, going faster, new organisation
Business Development Manager
Not disappointed
Gmail is a fine backstop if Superhuman ceased to exist
Easier to use
Individuals who receive 10s / 100s of emails a day and are regimented about managing them
Have passed along a few product suggestions directly.
Business Development, Seatgeek Enterprise
Somewhat disappointed
It’s amazing - I love it. Just don’t fully understand it’s capabilities yet. Takes awhile to get used too
Organized inbox
Sales person
Director of Partnerships
Not disappointed
I like the software, but there are two things I don't like: 1. the price ($30 is too high imo) and 2. the calendar functions I need are not covered.
Probably Mailplane
Its faster than any other programme and needs less processing power
Any person with a lot of emails but without any meetings - e.g. Customer Support
Add calendar functionality
Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
The app is pretty good in Chrome but the consistent lack of an android app leaves a huge disconnect when I am mobile. The fact that the tablet browser on android also cannot access the site leaves me with no mobile solution. When reminders pop up in my mobile email they are often confusing and don't provide the original email or context.
gmail with mailplane
fast keyboard efficiencies
I love what you are doing with the IOS mobile app as it is a good mobile experience but since there is no android app the system cannot be used company wide. Hence only small business owners, entrepreneurs, or people that can use their own apps in a business setting can make use of it.
A notes feature for snooze would be invaluable. Often I am rereading emails that pop up because I have no context after a certain period of time.
EVP Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
While Superhuman has definitely increased my efficiency, it's not at this point something I couldn't live without. Over time as I continue to build muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts I could see it getting to that point.
Kiwi for Gmail
Super responsive UI built specifically for quickly triaging and taking action on emails.
Anyone receiving a large volume of email with a variety of actions required per message.
Unified inbox, folder management (delete/rename/etc.), simple tables in email, additional configuration options especially changing default times for reminders (e.g. currently 8 AM for "tomorrow" or "next week", would like that to be 9 AM).
Senior Business Consultant
Somewhat disappointed
It helps me manage my inbox well but given that I’ve been using gmail for years I’m still struggling to fully make the switch
Go back to gmail
Managing my inbox at speed
People who get loads of emails
Hmm include ways to highlight sections
Operations, Strategic Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
It’s a wonderful email experience and once it’s integrated with a few more tools I’ll be VERY disappointed if I can’t use it again
Speed and clarity. Keyboard shortcuts are amazing and make me a lot faster
Heavy email users without integrations that come from a background of using keyboard shortcuts. You do make it easy for non keyboard shortcut people to use it too
Notifications don’t always seem right is my main complete. Integrations
Business Lead
Somewhat disappointed
Most benefits feel like nice to haves. I'm expensing the cost with my company right now, and if I couldn't, don't think I'd pay out of my own pocket.
default gmail
shortcuts, auto bcc, inbox zero
main app is email
\- Make threads that are starred appear in my inbox when a new message arrives - Same with other labels - Calendly like support would be amazing - Make the dots that appear next to messages more self explanatory. Don't think color codes work. Also color coding starred messages when I'm viewing the starred section is unnecessary.
Director of Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
I appreciate all the features but find the price point too high. Superhuman introduced me to features in Gmail that I didnt know existed so I can go back and learn to use those features and short cuts in Gmail if Superhuman did not exist anymore.
Director of Business Operations
Somewhat disappointed
I love what you are trying to do with email. And there are a number of powerful features already (e.g. automated split views, etc.) -- but I still don't find it seamless and there are times were I feel I am losing time v. gaining time (and most of those complaints center around the apps approach to cross platform notifications -- they cause me to waste time looking for the "new / unread" emails across my split views.
Outlook for work and Gmail for personal.
Auto-categorizing of emails (e.g. Split Views)
Young tech worker with diverse interest who subscribes to a number of news feeds of varying importance.
Give more notification options (e.g. allow me to specify what categories of emails I'd like to receive a notification on and maybe show both a numerator (unread) and a denominator (total). Also think through users who may be using a large screen and a magic pad (where shortcut key strokes aren't as efficient).
Partner, Head of Business Development, Federal
Somewhat disappointed
I like superhuman, but in some ways now I wonder if I could set up my gmail to work in a similar way. it would suck but wouldn't be the end of the world.
keyboard shortcuts make the experience just more enjoyable and faster
people who use email a lottt
certain integrations, like image attachments, feel slow and clunky
Senior Corporate Development Manager
Somewhat disappointed
I haven't used it long enough to have it be essential to my workflow and the price is pretty steep, but I do love the service
everything can get done very quickly and having inbox zero frees up a lot of mental space for me
busy people who work in business/office jobs
Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
Onboarding is admittedly really difficult and I'd consider myself an early adopter (and I work in tech!) Because I live and breathe email, having a 30 minute consultation and then being left alone with SH is... a bit terrifying. I've taken a lot of notes for you on my first few weeks to hopefully help with your future utilization efforts.
Honestly, composing an email and sending
product manager..
When I go to forward a thread, I cannot scroll all the way down to send without it stalling.
VP, Corporate Strategy, Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
I would still be able to complete the email tasks needed so the base foundation for communication is there, however I would be less effective and it would be more time consuming. Aesthetics and design are important to me when interacting with a technology or product (facilitates delight, engagement, and maximized outcome) so I would be disappointed without the current set up with Superhuman. Lastly, I still feel like I'm learning the shortcuts and once I have those down the "somewhat disappointed" answer would turn into "very disappointed."
I would likely use my Gmail account and perhaps a few plug ins that would help in a piecemeal fashion.
Primary: Saving time* Secondary: More visibility into my emails and the ones that count!
The person who wants to save time and be more effective communicating via email. In addition, the type of person who wants to make email (work or personal) more enjoyable.
Perhaps not specifically desktop, more in general, to create a shortcut of a few keys to auto send a follow-up message within a certain amt of days without a response (whether to schedule, or if an answer is needed).
Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
I see the value of superhuman but I have some doubts as to whether my email volume is high enough to personally see the benefit.
Airmail (macOS) or (iOS)
It's really just the sum of all the small useful things — shortcuts, helpers etc.
Someone with really high inbound email volume, or who transacts primarily through email.
Some features are still quite intransparent, split inboxes and the rules for them are a bit confusing
Media Talent, Brand Partnerships Manager
Somewhat disappointed
Love the product so far, don't love the price.
Gmail/Mac Mail
Enjoy doing email more, and the hotkeys makes it much more efficient!
Someone like me, to be honest. Head of sales/people triaging a lot of emails. I could see admin assistants loving it too.
Integration with my CRM would be a bit help.
Business Development, Ecosystem Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
It's hands down the best e-mail client that I've ever used, but my goodness is it expensive. And I'm not certain that it's THAT much better than the next best email client. I don't get a ton of email because we mostly use Slack, so I'm already thinking about whether or not I can justify the cost, and I'm not even a month in.
Spark, Boomerang, Gmail... something like that.
The shortcuts are thoughtful. As an example, the fact that my calendar pops up in context when I'm talking about a specific date is awesome.
Someone who gets a ton of email.
I'm not sure yet - probably need some more time with it.
VP, Strategy, Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
I haven't used it long enough to feel dependent on it or like I've fully mastered it. My system in Gmail was okay, but I am saving more time working through Superhuman than I was through Gmail.
Time saving on work emails and organized inboxes help with clutter-induced anxiety
People with external facing positions i.e. sales, account management, partnerships
Make file previews actually work—they never end up loading and I just download the file instead. Create Grammarly integration. Make it easier to create more customizable splits.
Manager, Audience Development
Somewhat disappointed
Feels like if I spend time learning key shortcuts on Gmail, that could be just as usefeul
Clean inbox and less procrastination
Pop out functionality
VP, Business Development, Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
it's a beautiful tool that clearly helps my day, but for the price point it's hard to justify
speed, aesthetics
someone who deals with a TON of emails each day that needs a way to clearly prioritize between them
A couple bug fixes (eg. downloading PDFs) + making it easier to edit a split inbox
Director of Business Development, West Coast
Somewhat disappointed
It's better than alternatives, and probably worth what I'm paying. But it's not so much better that I can't get my work done without it.
Quicker in working through my inbox. The advanced editing features are nice, but I don't find myself using them all the time.
Exec-level. People with tons of emails to work through.
No suggestions.
VP, Corporate Development
Somewhat disappointed
I would miss the speed but would fall back on my comfortability with Gmail
Speed and Efficiency
Anyone who spends a ton of time in their inbox and doesn't keep their inbox as a to-do list
More customization options to personalize the experience and workflow
Director, Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
Love everything but will have to see how it feels vis-a-vis high cost after a few months
Gmail + plugins, maybe newton, try another product
People doing a lot of things but that feel compelled to be responsive and not just let their email be a black hole
First thing that comes to mind is that search is slow
Chief Business Officer, Publisher, Board Member
Somewhat disappointed
I love the keyboard shortcuts and split inbox. I think I could get away with some functionality if I had to go back to Gmail that is provided by Gmail i.e. keyboard shortcuts, label/split inbox. I would miss all of the cmd K options. Have not determined how many of those options exist in baseline Gmail.
back to Gmail
processing emails more effectively
I don't know.
it feels like it can slow down chrome from time to time. I'd be willing to use it in a standalone mode.
VP, Strategic Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
it's a little better than gmail + shortcuts, but not that much
gmail + shortcuts
recognition from VCs who know what superhuman is
VCs and people who want recognition from VCs
better integration with calendar
Somewhat disappointed
Its a helpful tool, though the search function doesn't seem to work properly. I find it difficult to find old emails sent.
the organization of my emails
anyone that deals with a high volume of emails
Director of Sales, New Business
Somewhat disappointed
I love it because it is superfast to get through emails and helps me to stay on track when doing email focus sessions BUT I rely on Grammarly a lot for spelling and the lack of Android support means that I cannot use it on my new Android device (just ditched Apple)
Gmail - I also miss the new predictive test that they were rolling out
Speed to get through email
Someone who gets lots of email
As mentioned above grammarly support, predictive text and also better instructional videos on how to do things like separate emails into different split inboxes
Business Owner
Somewhat disappointed
I've gotten comfortable with the interface and prefer it to GMail
I'd have to do some research; or Google
Speed, organized visually in a way that works for me
People whose to-do lists depend on email
A shortcut "cheat-sheet" pinned to the UI until I opt out
Business Operations, Finance Lead
Somewhat disappointed
I am travelling a lot being in a client facing role and the app provided is very bad with battery issues and abrupt crashes. Yes, The Mac app is good.
Gmail + Yesware that I was already using
Not much but yes somewhat faster for going through my emails
As currently the mobile app is not that good, folks who rely less on mobile for mails would be better suited for this.
I still need to have better way to do bulk operations like marking many mails done in one go or setting reminders in bulk
Head of Business Development
Not disappointed
It saves time but it’s more of a nice to have
Gmail and mixmax or some kind of extension
Saves time and it’s faster than gmail
Execs and c level folks that get a lot of vendor emails and internal team notes
Speed. It seems faster in browsers
VP Strategy, Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
SH still has a few kinks to work out ('tis beta life) and I'm still using GMail/Mixmax for when I need to send templates. "Somewhat disappointed" as 1) I've gotten used to inbox zero 2) setting reminders on unanswered messages 3) split screen view of Superhuman client on left and Mac calendar on right, both in carbon/dark mode.
Gmail in browser
Hit "inbox zero" thrice so far, blazingly fast navigation through e-mails, no reliance on mouse until I need to send an invite or move into another app.
The type of person riddled with anxiety over email management (e.g. me)
Stability improvements, more advanced or power-user features
Corporate Development
Somewhat disappointed
Good ideas, but over engineered for keyboard short cuts and under engineered for other features such as offering meeting requests that take up more time than using a mouse. Pricing is outrageous for the features it offers.
MixMax & Hop
Filters, visual design much easier to see with dark mode UI
engineers who loathe using gmail. its def not business user friendly
Reduce steep learning curve. Its not the quality of the app building on desktop its the shortcut over reliance (must memorized all of them) and limited features. Argument of Superhuman being blazing fast comes to a halt when I cannot offer scheduling options or have to set up filters on gmail every few days rather than on Superhuman.
Business Development, Marketing
Not disappointed
A lot of the shortcuts are similar to google mail. The key differentiators for me would be mobile app optimization, and tighter linking with the calendar. Otherwise I love the experience, and the TLC around the product, but it's incremental in terms of functionality.
more robust shortcuts and awesome customer servicing
People who can automate their workflow through email
Tighter linkage to calendaring
Head of Business Development, Strategy
Somewhat disappointed
I'll fall back to Google Inbox and lose quite a few things I love: keyboard shortcuts, read statuses. etc. I'll end up spending extra 15-30 minutes on email a day, that sucks.
Google Inbox
Keyboard navigation​, including jumping between 3 accounts, adding cc/bcc recipients, labeling, etc.
The more people communicate, the more Superhuman will be helpful. C-level folks, TPMs, managers, VCs, sales / accounts.
I'm not a big fan of the UI aesthetics, but what you have works fine. I don't like the message baloons, doesn't feel right. Fonts: the font you use for commands doesn't have Cyrillic characters, but that's minor. I'll shoot you a separate support convo about that. Improvements I'm waiting for: 1. Automatically improve typography, like apostrophes and dashes, etc. 2. Automatically change google docs share settings if I'm sending a link to a doc to a person who doesn't have access, ask me what to do: link-level access to edit or personal access to edit/read/comment. Make the default behavior a setting. 3. Ability to convert / see time in different timezones. A command like “11am hkt in PST” in the launcher, and a way to see time in the calendar sidebar in my timezone if someone sent me something like “let's talk tomorrow 10am ET?” 4. Ability to create templated events like a quick call with a zoom link in the calendar if the message suggests it. 5. Ability to cycle through my email accounts mand split inboxes better. It's OK now, feels like there might be some improvement. 6. Ability to use labels cross-account and clean things up like copy an email from one account to another (if someone made a mistake and emailed my personall account instead of the work account, I want to be able to use a label I usually use for work email, and I want search to reliably work later on and find that message. 7. Search working consistendly in ALL my accounts, not a single accounts — for situations when I don't know where (in which account) is the message I'm looking for. 8. Also search in my attachments: documents or google documents, including their content, and my events. 9. Ability​ to forward emails to services to create tatsks more transparantly, i.e. follow to my trello board inbox, etc. This can be done now with snippeted recipient addrtess.
Head of Business Development
Somewhat disappointed
I like the shortcuts, the snippets, and the custom split inboxes. The basic email functionality is good, but different, so makes me a little nervous every time I hit send.
A tech person used to shortcuts
The read receipts are pretty hard to find. Wish they were more prominent.
Business Operations
Somewhat disappointed
it's an amazing product. and it's definitely helped me reduce noise and get more done. however, there is a bit of a learning curve (even for me, and i consider myself an early adopted of new products). lots of shortcuts to remember. many are easy as they ported from gmail. many are not. and there are many new ones to learn. plus, some of the functionality from gmail isn't here yet (eg creating nested labels -- low frequency use case/power user request). plus there is no embedded calendar or calendar functionality yet. but, for a brand new product, it's v freaking impressive.
splitting inbox into actual shit i need to do vs everything else that distracts me
power users of gmail
see above
Head of Mobile Business Development, Americas, APAC
Somewhat disappointed
I like some features of it but without the mobile functionality and being restricted to Chrome does make things inconvenient for me.
Mail by Apple
To see if my e-mails were read.
People that hyper obsess over e-mail as a very real method of communication.
Somewhat disappointed
I've tried to commit to this system. If I went back to gmail, i feel like i would have to recommit and reorganize.
Back to Gmail.
Organization. Clarity of inbox. Love the reminders.
Hard to answer that without seeing a mobil app version. That's extremely limiting me from going to like this product to love it.
Mobile app. Your support team is great. They respond with helpful advice and product updates. It's far too expensive. This is not sustainable over the long haul.
Director of Partnerships
Somewhat disappointed
Have polymail, i need mobile and notifications from superhuman
Mobile + Notification feed (IE notify me when ppl read emails etc.)
Business Advisor
Somewhat disappointed
Superhuman seems to help me focus on email better than any other client i've used.
Keyboard shortcuts, less clutter, read receipts, clearbit - in that order.
I'd assume that the the more "different" email a user receives, the more helpful SH will be. (where "different" = comes from many sources, and is about many things. doesn't fit into a well-defined workflow/process)
Search could be better - there are a few minor, but frequent bugs.
Business Development, Growth
Not disappointed
Keyboard controls are good, mostly intuitive. Design is clean.
Less cluttered inbox, both design and contents wise
Everyone who uses a GTDish system.