IT Admin guide to Coda
IT Admin guide to Coda

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Coda admin features

Coda has two sets of administrative controls. Resources for both types are outlined below.
Workspace administrators: Available for all workspaces, regardless of . Workspace Administrators manage the majority of the administrative tasks needed in Coda, including Doc Maker / editor controls.
Organization administrators: Only Enterprise customers have access to organization administration. Organization admin permissions are only needed for a small number of initial technical set-up tasks such as setting up provisioning settings. Organization admin privileges are required for ongoing usage of the Superadmin API, document transfers for de-provisioned users, and for third-party integrations into Coda’s Enterprise experience. ​Note: Most Coda customers do not need an Org admin assigned.
Workspace admin resources
Overview of workspaces
A workspace is your home base for all things Coda. Learn more about the following topics in the linked knowledge base article.
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Configure SCIM provisioning
SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is a set of protocols that allow a third-party Identity Provider to manage users inside Coda for your organization. Enterprise Coda customers can set up SCIM in Organization Settings.
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Transfer doc ownership
Every doc in Coda has an owner. Occasionally, circumstances require ownership of a doc to be changed.
: An employee transfers ownership of their own docs to another user.
: Workspace administrator transfers docs for a deactivated user.
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Workspace sharing settings
Enterprise Coda customers have access to advanced sharing settings. Access the Organization Settings menu to select the setting for your organization.
Unrestricted: Docs can be shared outside the organization. Sharing settings are managed on a per-doc basis.
Invite-only external access: External collaborators must be added directly as docs cannot be shared publicly. This policy disables doc publishing and doc embedding.
No external access. Doc access is limited to users within the organization’s domain only. Docs cannot be shared with external collaborators via doc publishing, doc embedding, or direct add.
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Workspace Admin controls
Workspace Administrators have access to perform the following tasks. All workspaces, regardless of , have Workspace Admins. This article gives an overview of all controls available for Workspace Admins.
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Doc Maker billing
With Coda, you only pay for Doc Makers. Editors and viewers are always free.
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Managing Doc Makers & Editors
There are several ways to manage Doc Maker seats to your workspace. We recommend defining an approach and communicating it to your organization.
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Organization admin settings

Coda customers on the Enterprise plan can appoint an Org Admin to manage Organization Settings. Organization Admins can control the following settings:
Domains & Authentication to your workspace
Packs approvals
Org membership

Access the organization settings menu

The organization settings menu is available from the bottom left side corner of the workspace, underneath your folders. If you do not have access to organization settings, please request access from your Customer Success Manager. Only Enterprise Coda customers have access to organization settings.

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