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IT Lifecycle Toolkit with Okta pack

Manage the entire user account lifecycle, from onboarding to off-boarding.


This doc is designed as a template for IT Admins of small to mid-size companies who use Okta, and are looking for a way to manage the entire user account lifecycle—from creation to deactivation—all in one, centralized place.

Instead of having to switch back-and-forth between Okta and other spreadsheets, use this doc to perform basic account management tasks, such as creating and maintaining company rosters, managing employee onboarding, scheduling employee off-boarding, and tracking equipment orders.
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What’s included

Onboarding & Off-boarding tools
- This doc uses the
to create new Okta accounts for all new hires.
- View new hire equipment requests. Includes a customizable form requesting employee info and equipment preferences
- View and set up all new hire emails
- Schedule and prepare to de-activate outgoing team members

Ongoing Account Management
- View all user accounts for both new and existing employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that all tools and tables in this doc can be customized. For more help & support with Coda, see

I can’t find the Okta pack or connect to. Why is this?
What if I want to change attributes of User Profiles?
How do I edit the New Hire form?
Any tips for how to best manage application controls in Okta?

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