IT Admin guide to Coda

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What is Coda’s uptime?
Coda’s uptime statistics and incident history are always available at and . We maintain an SLA of 99.9%. availability.
How does Coda manage authentication and sign-in?
Enterprise tier workspaces can integrate Coda with their existing Identity Provider (IdP) Service to enable single-sign on (SSO). Authentication through Google or Apple is delegated to those respective parties via the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol. Enterprise admins can configure which authentication mechanisms can opt into one or more of these authentication mechanisms for their users.
What admin controls can I expect with Coda?
Coda provides fine-grained access controls to manage your organization, workspaces, folders, and individual docs. Admins for teams on Coda’s enterprise plan can control the authentication mechanisms allowed for their employees, set Advanced Sharing rules on how docs and Packs can be shared outside their organization, as well as control usage for all users.
Does Coda have an Admin API?
For our Enterprise customers, we offer an API to allow programmatic access to doc and user management and auditing activities via an event log. This REST API queries audit logs within an organization, and can be consumed by a SIEM (security information and event management) system.
How are packs in a workspace managed?
Packs are powerful building blocks that connect your Coda doc to the apps you use everyday. Admins for teams on Coda’s Enterprise plan can control which Packs are accessible within their workspaces. With this control enabled, all team members who attempt to add a Pack to a doc will require admin approval.

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