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Famille: Peillot, Vignerons
Mondeuse: 2014
Bugey, Montagnieu, France
100% Mondeuse Noir
Astonishingly black garnet in color with scarlet overtones, this lively wine is spicy & herbaceous on the nose. Bright, spicy/dry fruit follow on the palate with a woody, lean expression. Excitingly fresh in the mouth yet rustic, showing fruit such as cranberry, elderberry and violets. Lilting. Lifting. Juicy. Later some black pepper, maybe spruce? A soft start on the tongue makes its way to a zippy dry finish. One unique wine!
Franck Peillot has made a delicious, fun loving, and very elegant sparkling wine that costs about half the price of Champagne, plus it's hand made to boot, unlike most cheap Champagne.
Pairing. Chicken and Turkey.
price per bottle: $22
restaurant price: $66
sold per glass: $13

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