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Brut Champagne
price: $ 35 / 750ml
Regions: Champagne, France
Origin: Champagne, France
Sweetness: Dry
Color: Pale, translucent gold
ABV: 11–13%
Brut champagne, a dry sparkling wine, is the most popular type of champagne exported from France. With a small amount of natural sugars remaining in the wine, brut champagne is a balance of crisp fruit, buttery notes, and minerality. Naturally effervescent, brut champagne has high acidity that contrasts nicely with the bubbles and mellows during aging. Dry champagne tends to hover right at 12 ABV, making it moderately high alcohol.
Brut champagne is characteristically dry, with the trace amounts of sugar adding a hint of sweetness. A light-bodied white wine that is pale in color, champagne is low in tannins. It has bright acidity that contrasts well with the characteristic bubbles. Champagnes are always aged, which tends to round out the acidity of the grapes, and can be cellared successfully for years. You might notice fresh floral, nutty, or bready notes on the nose as well as bright fruit like apple and pear. A chalky, mineral smell is typical of this style of wine.
Bringing exceptional food-pairing versatility to the table, brut champagne partners up with everything from traditional caviar to butter-drenched seafood dishes and salty fare. The high acidity and zippy carbonation cut through oils and fats with delicious precision. Try it with fried potatoes, ham and swiss quiche, oysters Rockefeller, and smoked salmon.
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