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Dri-Tri Run

Part of the planner, planner estimates how long it’ll take you to complete the running portion of your OTF Dri-Tri, based on a set of predefined strategies.
Unlike the pace chart, this planner gives you the flexibility to have a mix of push, base & all-out during the run!
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How To Use
Find a strategy below that fits your style
Set your pace & any other additional info your strategy requires
Check out the 💡 : It’ll tell you how long you’ll be running at your all-out based on your pace & distance.
Look at Estimate time* to see how long it’ll take you to complete your 1-mile run.
Check this
to include a
% adjustment to account for tread’s ramp up, machine calibration issue or human error.
(Not sure what it is? Leave it checked ✅, and you can find more context
🧾 Dri-Tri Version:
🏃‍♂️ Runner or Power Walker?
🎯 Your distance goal:
One Pace (aka Set-And-Forget)
Run at a steady pace (Something between base & push, or whatever you’re comfortable with), then go all-out in the last 0.2 mile.
Start at
mph 👈 This is your tread speed!!
In the last
mi, go all-out at

💡 Your all-out will be ~
1 min 37 secs
Estimated Time*:
25 mins 3 secs

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Can you beat your peers? 🥇
Check out the Breakdown by Blocks section in planner!
Useful Links
: Overall Dri-Tri planner
🤓 : Exports your in-studio workout data as CSV.
Wiki on benchmark
: Motivational quotes from OTF — ‘cuz we all need that extra push from time to time
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