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OTF Planner was created on
to help Orangetheory athletes figure out, with a mix of base, push & all-out pace, what strategies they need to beat their benchmark PR.
It has been expanded since to incorporate different types of benchmarks, a quick way (Can you beat your peers?) to see how the athletes did compare to their peers based on ’s anonymous benchmark surveys, as well as the to project when the benchmark will be based on historical data.

Questions? Find me at @otfplanner on Instagram or Twitter.
Feeling generous? !
Credits 👏
for making historic data available.
on July 2021’s benchmark date
Inferno image is copied from by OTF’s official Twitter account.
on tread’s
, & for help on bugs 🐞
, & on strategies.
on slower pace for Power Walkers
for the idea on !
Dani5150 (Discord) for help on bugs 🐞
, and on benchmark dates
, & for flagging round errors.
for Power Walker adjustment.
on about 12-minute run.
& on reminder on penalty adjustment
, (
) & (
) for details on mechanics on Catch Me If You Can workout.
& on bugs! 🐞
, and on power walking support
for the inspirational quotes
for Dri-Tri strategy
for the idea on planner for the running portion!
& for strategies & bugs
Disclaimer ✋
The planner is unaffiliated with Orangetheory Fitness corporate. This is solely a community-driven project.
Can You Beat Your Peers?
Data in all Can You Beat Your Peers*? sections are collected by ’s voluntary benchmark anonymous survey.
Invalid data points/outliers have been removed to ensure data is as clean as possible.
When using the calculator, please keep in mind that the data is not representative for the entire OTF population.
When using Filters, data points without that specific filter will be dropped to ensure you’re only comparing against your true peers.

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