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VIEW PK - Public/Private LAYOUT
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💬 Shared Item (Unencrypted)
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Select users who should be able to access this item. Users will see this item on their list as a “Shared Item”.
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Dec 7, 2022 by System Writer
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👁‍🗨 New Shared Item

Your content will be stored as plain text so that anyone can access it without a password.


Welcome to WikiVault.

Here’s a quick “Getting Started” guide.
You can Search or Sort your items using the “Filter Bar” at the top of the page.
Items can either be:
Shared. Shared items are stored in plain text, and can be seen by anyone.
This is an example of a shared item.
Private. Private items are encrypted with a password of your choice, to protect them from prying eyes!
You can store your own personal info safely as a Private Item...
Or create confidential items which are shared with other users.
Just create a Private Item then add your recipients to the Users With Access field. They’ll get a notice the next time they login. Don’t forget to use a password they know, or send them the password in a separate channel.

What’s Next?

Let’s try accessing a Private Item.
The next item in your list is called “Second Demo (Private)”.
Click on it then enter this password DemoPassword777
Click Decrypt and the message will display on the left.
Your next instructions will be there waiting for you! :)
Encryption is disabled for items saved as Public Content to to ensure they remain accessible to everyone.

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