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User Guide

Some basic notes on how to use the demo app.

What is this thing?

WikiVault is a concept app idea I wanted to try build. It exists purely to show how per-user encryption in Coda could apply in a more real-world setting.
WikiVault is a team knowledge repository. What that means, is that it’s best utilized by a small team (eg a small company, or a department within a larger company). Users can add “items” to the wiki, and other users can access those items if they need them. What exactly those items are is entirely flexible. They could be snippets of code, supplier contact details, company policies, etc
To assist with discoverability, each item can be assigned an icon and be grouped together into logical categories.
Apart from this use-case, the system also supports private or confidential information being stored alongside the regular public items. These items are stored securely because they are encrypted with the user’s chosen password, as per the solutions we’ve gone through in this doc.
Uses can share encrypted info with other users, safely knowing that even if a malicious user wanted to see that content, they couldn't.

Where do I start?

Click the Setup Account button at the top of the page.
After a short while, you’ll see two CARDS appear below. These are a a basic introduction to how the system works. Just click the first one and read the instructions :)

What’s the difference between Private Items and Shared Items?

Shared items are not encrypted. They’re designed for information that isn’t sensitive. By contrast, Private Items are designed to protect the information inside using encryption.

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