Can you keep a secret?
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Hey lovely people :)
A little while ago I was working on a Wiki for my team at Supersynchronous. It’s designed such that multiple users can contribute to a communal knowledgebase in the spirit of sharing information and techniques that could be helpful for our diverse client needs. There’s some info that I wanted to keep handy that I wouldn't be happy sharing publicly, and it felt like a shame that my sparkling new doc couldn’t be used for private info alongside the shared knowledge contributed to the team. I would have to keep my own info in a separate doc.
It was at that point that I wondered whether it’d be possible to encrypt information within a Coda doc in such a way that only I could decrypt it. Coming from a Web Development background, this is something I happen to have some experience in, but building a solution in Coda brought along... Some unique challenges...
Well it suffices to say I went completely down a rabbit hole, but making this Doc has been a ton of fun. If you’d like to discover how to implement encryption in Coda, or even just have a general interest in infosec, digital security, encryption or hacking, then I’d like to present...

“Can you keep a secret?”

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