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Templates, Text and Images

Collection of "helper" tables.
This page contains the following tables:
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Templates. These are used with Coda’s Format() formula to generate rich text
Text. These are just snippets of text used around the doc. Whenever I need to generate warnings or notices that require rich text formatting, I find it way easier to add them here and reference from within formulas
Images. Occasionally I need to dynamically show images based on the state of a given system. To do that, you can only use Coda’s Image() formula which only works with a valid URL. Some columns here work to extract that out of the upload.
Generates the “cards” for on-page links (eg on )
Generates the “matrix-style” text on
Used at the top of the LAYOUTS for the demos and to show the user the status of their current item.
Used for the CARD view of , to display the item’s current state

Templates, Text and Images
Page Link Cards
Flashy Text
Flashy Text Colors
Warning Notices
Card Statuses

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