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Current User

VAR Current User
[ ]
A row from with the Created By column matching the current User()
VAR New User
A row from with the Created By column matching the current User()
VAR Current Item
A row from . This is the item that the user has selected to view or edit. It’s displayed on the page.
Why do we use the Edit Item page?
Why do we use the page?
The user should be able to add whatever they want to their items, with support for both short snippets of text and longer paragraphs of content. It’s quite painful to add multi-line text in Coda. None of the workflows really support multi-line content:
Directly into a table cell:
Pressing [return] moves the cursor to the next row.
If the user is already on the last row, Coda will add a new row to the table.
Pasting multi-line content from the clipboard will create multiple new rows in the table.
Text canvas controls (ie, text inputs):
Don’t support multi-line content AT ALL. You can’t press [return], and you can’t even press [shift]+[return]
By this I mean:
Activating the row’s popup modal
or using the DETAILS table view
Functionally identically to the “directly into a table cell” options:
Pressing [return] moves to the next input
Supports [shift]+[return]
It’s possible to add multi-line content in two ways:
Pressing [shift] + [return]. This is an unusual interaction, and it’s unlikely the user will just know this intuitively.
Opening the cell in “big cell” mode.
The trigger button for this mode is a really discreet and small button. I don’t know how well known this trigger is.
The alternative is a keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut is unique to Coda (so non-intuitive for new users coming from any other software platform) and not particularly well communicated (you have to first find the tiny trigger button, then hover over it to see the notice for the keyboard shortcut)


VAR This Week
The Monday which has just passed (ie the start of “this week”)
VAR This Month
The 1st of the current month (ie the start of “this month”)

Text Strings

VAR Search Placeholder Text
Search Titles...
Displayed in the user’s Filter Bar, prompting them to enter a search term.

VAR Search String
[ ]
The search string to in the user’s Filter Bar

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