The Official 5-Day Design Sprint
3. Sketch

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My sketch checklist

Review our long term goal :
Surpass 1k paying customers
Review the
Review the
Make sure you have several sheets of blank paper and a pencil on hand.
Ready to begin sketching? Grab your paper and pencil and follow the steps below:

1. My notes

The first step is super easy. You will look through the subpages under and write notes on a piece of paper. These notes are a “greatest hits” from the past twenty-four hours of the sprint. They’re a way to refresh your memory before you commit to a solution.
Don’t worry about coming up with any new ideas, and don’t worry about being neat. These notes are for your eyes only.
Snap a quick photo of the pieces of paper you take notes and write ideas on. Then, add those images below by typing /image or dragging files/photos onto the canvas. You can also embed links to online whiteboards by typing /embed.
[insert photos/embeds here]

2. My ideas

Now that everyone has a pile of notes, it’s time to switch into idea mode. In this step, you’ll jot down rough ideas, filling a sheet of paper with doodles, sample headlines, diagrams, stick figures doing stuff—anything that gives form to your thoughts.
[insert photos/embeds here]

3. My crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is a fast-paced exercise. Each person takes his or her strongest ideas and rapidly sketches eight variations in eight minutes. Crazy 8s forces you to push past your first reasonable solutions and make them better, or at least consider alternatives.
And before you get the wrong idea, the “crazy” in Crazy 8s refers to the pace, not the nature of the ideas. Forget about the traditional brainstorm advice to be goofy. We want you to focus on good ideas— the ones you believe will work and help you hit your goals—and use Crazy 8s to tweak and expand on those good ideas.
Image 2021-09-08 at 9.46.09 PM.jpg
Fold a piece of paper in half three times, so you have eight panels. You have sixty seconds per section (type /timer for a quick timer). Go fast and be messy.
When you’re finished, click below to submit your completed Crazy 8s. Hint: click the button on mobile to quickly snap a pic of your sheet of paper.

Submit my crazy 8's

My crazy 8’s

4. My solution sketch

The solution sketch is each person’s best idea, put down on paper in detail. Each one is an opinionated hypothesis for how to solve the challenge at hand. These sketches will be looked at—and judged!—by the rest of the team. They need to be detailed, thought-out, and easy to understand.
Each sketch will be a three-panel storyboard. Keep in mind a few rules:
Make it self-explanatory
Keep it anonymous
Ugly is okay
Words matter
Give it a catchy title

You’re responsible for creating one solution sketch. Each sketch will be a three-panel storyboard drawn on paper or sticky notes. We’ll review each person’s sketch tomorrow in .
When you’ve finished sketching, click the button below to submit your solution to be reviewed by the group. Feel free to upload as many images as you need to capture your solution.
Submit my solution

My solution sketch

Catchy title
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