The Official 5-Day Design Sprint
Monday: Map

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8. Target

Which critical moment from your map will you focus the sprint on?
You’ve created a , agreed on a customer
, and generated around that map. You’re now ready to pick a target for the sprint. Throughout the week, you’ll be focused on that target—sketching solutions, making a plan, and building a prototype of that moment and the events around it.
Instructions: The
chooses the most important customer and the critical moment of that customer’s experience to focus on for the sprint.

1. Who is the most important customer?

Write the description of the customer profile.

2. What’s the critical moment of that customer’s experience?

Check the box next to the critical moment on the that the sprint will focus on.
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Sprint Focus
Make appointment
Make the mobile experience more friendly?
Search for matching trials
Structure key info for screening patients?
Make reviewing electronic medical records faster?
Appointment: discuss trial
Streamline discussion with outside doctors?
Use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies faster?
Begin therapy
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