The Official 5-Day Design Sprint
Tuesday: Sketch

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4. Begin recruiting

It takes time to find customers for testing on Friday. It's best to start recruiting today.
Before you finish the day on Tuesday, begin recruiting for . We suggest you follow process for recruiting customers. Here’s. quick checklist:
Put someone in charge of recruiting. It will take an extra one or two hours of work each day during the sprint. (p. 119)
Recruit on Craigslist, Facebook Ads, or . We recommend Craigslist in . Michael Margolis says is great for recruiting both easy-to-find and hard-to-find customers. And loves using Facebook Ads for their precise targeting. Whichever you choose, you’ll want to offer compensation (we use a $100 gift card) and link to the screener survey in your ad. (p. 119)
Write a screener survey. Ask questions that will help you identify your target customers, but don’t reveal who you’re looking for. (p. 120)
Recruit customers through your network. If you need experts or existing customers, use your network to find customers. (p. 122)
Follow up with email and phone calls. Throughout the week, make contact with each customer to make sure he or she shows up on Friday.

That’s it! You’re done for the day.
Tomorrow, head to .

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