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Meet the better way to tokenize anything, anywhere.

The most powerful multichain protocol for tokenization of global illiquid assets.

CurioDAO is a network of platforms that opens the world of collectibles to everyone by giving users the ability to buy, sell, swap, invest, and govern real-world tokenised assets such as cars, watches and wine, all under the same blockchain infrastructure, the CurioDAO network.

Our Network

At a glance...

Meet the new mainstream market of asset backed NFTs that is unlocking real-world-asset capital!
CurioDAO democratises access to all real-world-asset classes by providing three platforms to govern (curiodao), buy and sell (rollapp), swap and stake (capitaldex), and invest (curioinvest) in collectible real-world-assets.
Curio - VennDiagram.png

This is highly visual, needs to communiocate as much as it can through visuals.
Little text.

Some stats...

$1.5M+ tokenized assets
3+ live chains
+1000 digital assets sold
+20k community members
Bittrex tier 1 listed

Our platforms...

A rotating graphic as you scroll showing you the 'world' of curiodao. Similar to Filecoin.
This is the BIG graphic to lure users in. This is the WORLD and NETWORK.
Needs to capture the audience.
Animation of a circle half off the screen turning as you scroll, showing the various parts of the process.


Join the community and govern the development of the CurioDAO network.

Create your own DAO using the CurioDAO seed platform.
Create and vote on proposals from CurioDAO.
Be part of seeded DAOs governing different asset areas.
Graphic: represent governance and progress.

Rollup Marketplace

Turn any physical item into a sellable NFT.

Mint NFTs to represent real-world-assets or intellectual property.
Buy and sell asset-backed NFTs from our marketplace.
Use NFTs as collateral to have liquidity on CurioInvest and CapitalDEX.
Graphic: “Physical to NFT” (as an icon). Represent real world assets and IPs as digital assets


Invest in rare collectible cars and borrow liquidity.

Invest in a rare collectible car using blockchain technology.
Let CurioInvest take care of the hard work.
Watch your investments grow and earn.
Graphic: from investing, to car, to earning and using the stablecoin.

Capital DEX

Exchange and swap using the network’s AMM

Exchange any asset fraction.
Stake and earn.
Farm and earn.
Graphic: using tokens to earn.

Why Blockchain...

Enabling deep integrations across crypto.
TBC: more details about why the services of CurioNetwork are enabled by blockchain. The aim is to cater to a non-crypto-native audience too.


Tokens utility:
Dapp payment: transactions on settled via CGT generate organic transaction volume.
Why not CSC?
Stablecoin protocol: token is used for the payment fees relating to the collateralised debt position mechanism which allows for the generation of CurioStablecoin (in Polkadot ecosystem).
Governance: Users who stake CGT to participate in the governance and vote on key proposals.

Investors and grant contributors

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 10.35.49.png

Ecosystem Partners

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 10.40.19.png
"We believe that CurioDAO is a category-defining project that will inspire a wave of innovators bringing the concept of collective ownership and liquid real asset markets into various areas of real-world assets. Ownership and IP rights represented as NFTs are a breakthrough innovation with the potential to solve liquidity for real assets."

Fernando Verboonen, MSc

CEO, co-founder

Our Roadmap...

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 11.49.38.png
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 10.34.47.png
TBC: Need a more updated roadmap.
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