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How it Works

The aim of this page is to explain how CurioDAO actually does the things it claims in the home page, Our Network page, and About CurioDAO page.



The goal of CurioDAO is to allow any investor to own real-world-assets through digital assets.
For this, the CurioDAO platform leverages smart contracts to
TBC: reiterate what CurioDAO actually does.

Creator Vault



A community of Guardians, Audit Oracles, Physical Asset Pricing Oracles, Authenticators, and Appraisers collaborate to form knowledge groups in specific real asset areas e.g. fine art, rare cars, watches, gaming cartridges, sneakers, fine wine and more. Going forward these groups will be structured as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) which allow for community governance and shared financial decision-making. CurioDAO seeds DAOs in relevant asset areas, such as FerrariDAO, a growing community of 200+ members focused on scouting collectible Ferraris and that has funded >$1m in real assets across the world.

Blockchain Architecture

CurioDAO is an open-source project built on Ethereum and Polkadot.


At CurioDAO power lies in the hands of CGT token holders.

Curio Governance Token (CGT)

As a CGT holder at CurioDAO, your voice counts.
The DAO is efficiently handled by persons all around the globe who are in possession of CGT, its governance token.
The Curio Governance Token (CGT) lies at the heart of the Curio DAO ecosystem, running the governance of CurioDAO to maintain its resilience, transparency, and efficiency.

Interchain Supported

CGT will be supported in 2 blockchain networks: Ethereum and Curio parachain, connected to Kusama/Polkadot relay chain, and also move between them.

Creator Protocol

The Creator Protocol is...
Holders of the Curio Governance Token (CGT) govern the Creator Protocol.
“Any security token holder can swap his tokens for CSCs by dropping assets into the creator vault present in the Creator Protocol.”


Anyone can create a proposal for a CGT vote even without possessing a CGT.
A Proposal is a type of smart contract integrated with a governance action (or more) and can only be executed once. Once voting has taken place, it enacts the changes that have been voted through into the variables affecting the relevant internal governance of the Protocol.
Once executed, the Proposal becomes void.


CGT tokens allow holders to cast votes on actions to be taken on the Creator Protocol.
The voting weight of CGT is directly related to the number of GCT put into a voting contract. Your vote determines the direction of governance for the DAO and there is no minimum stake of CGT to participate in the polls.
There are two types of votes you can cast as a CGT holder:


Polling is carried out to preliminarily evaluate the opinions of the community on any issue.
Polling is carried out to initiate a preliminary agreement of the group’s opinion before Executive voting begins. This guarantees that decisions related to governance are considered in advance, and an agreement is reached before the actual process of voting.
Participation in the polls is simple. You must select the poll and vote for your chosen option. A governance poll, for instance, could be:
Polling the community for the desired borrowing rate for a specific collateral type.


Executive voting is used to vote for changes in the state of the StableCoin system (interest rates, adding new types of collateral, etc.).
CGT token holders will have their selected values submitted to the Executive Voting (by Curio Team) for inclusion in the system.
CGT holders can vote on executive proposals, to confirm or reject adjustments to a proposed position in the system.
To participate in the Polling voting, it is not necessary to have CGTs blocked on the Voting contract and create a Voting contract. It is enough to have any number of CGTs in your wallet.


To generate new stable-coins in the Creator Protocol, deposit an asset to the .
The value of the security deposited is then decided with the use of Curio Chainlink Oracles.
The stable-coin is then issued by CurioDAO.
By leveraging smart contracts on a blockchain, DAOs can structure themselves to meet specific goals and requirements like those needed by their founders. (This is vague)
CurioDAO is providing the tools for others to create their own DAOs. I hope this may inspire you to form a group of people on a related topic or industry and become one of the early adopters: Guardians for your favorite real asset (e.g. fine art, rare cars, etc), physical asset pricing oracles, authenticators, appraisers, unite! (This also is vague)

Why it works

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Technical Overview

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