Takes lots of time to load.
Does it need to connect you to metamask even when loadingn landing page? Shouldnt that be at a later phase? It doesnt even show you what the page is before asking to verify you wallet, not great imo!

Fractional ownership of prestigious pieces of history

We provide individuals and companies with a toolset to create fractional NFTs for their physical assets. Rollapp enables you to unlock the value of your physical items as collateral.
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View and tour these stunning valuable objects.

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The more responsible way to build your crypto portfolio with valuable physical items

As the global leader in co-ownership, Rollapp makes it simple for anyone to store physical assets on-chain by transforming real-world collectibles into Physically-Backed NFTs.

For Buyers...


Browse the highly prized collectibles on Rollapp.store.

Buy and bid

All items are authenticated and securely stored, so you can bid and buy with confidence.

Redeem or sell

Redeem your NFT to receive the underlying asset, or resell it on RollApp. No high fees or logistical headaches.

For Investors...


Buy and sell shares in luxury, collectible real-world assets. Backed bu Curio Capital AG.

Manage collection

Keep track of your portfolio and price data whenever you want.

Trade it

Receive rewards on your investment, sell your NFTs to other RollApp members, or receive a potential return if we sell one of the underlying assets you invested in.

For Sellers...

List it

We authenticate your items and issue you tokens that you can list on our marketplace.

Share it

Share your listings with your network and we’ll feature them in our marketplace to attract collectors.

Sell it

Your asset, your price. We charge only 2% on all post market sales, the lowest fee in the industry.

NFT marketplace comparison

Cross-chain NFT experience

*Updates on Q2-4 2022?

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