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About CurioDAO

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What the DAO is for.

What gap the DAO wants to fill and why.
While the collectible asset industry is experiencing impressive growth, there’s no streamlined platform for tokenizing such assets.
CurioDAO is a decentralized launchpad that helps collectible real-world-assets achieve their full investment potential via tokenization.
Collectible asset investing should be available to everyone. CurioDAO provides a set of platforms for users to buy and sell collectible assets, fractionalise, and invest and swap cryptocurrencies - all with the aim of democratising collectible asset investing through secure and self-governing technologies.


What the DAO has done.

How and why we did it.
To democratise collectible asset investing through platforms, decentralising the governance of such platforms is important. CurioDAO allows holders of its governance token to vote on how to progress with the development of the CurioDAO network.
It wouldn’t be a successful mission without the CurioDAO community. CurioDAO was launched in 202X and its voting community has been autonomously developing the CurioDAO network through blockchain executed proposals.
All CurioDAO network platforms are live and have been autonomously functioning since 20XX. The community is progressing the CurioDAO network toward scaled and democratised collectible asset investing.


Partners and collaborations.

Why you should trust the DAO.
CurioDAO is a cross-chain platform that started in Ethereum and is now on a sidechain.
Curio aims to reduce transaction fees for users by integrating solutions of Ethereum Layer 2 (Skale network), Polkadot ecosystem and Binance Smart Chain.



How the DAO will get there.


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Press Kit

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