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Collectable cars have significantly outperformed other alternative asset classes in recent years, as illustrated by Knight Frank among other sources.
Graphs and numbers to prove this.
CurioInvest is an online platform powered by blockchain technology that enables anyone to purchase tokens directly backed by limited edition collectible cars.
It enables you to lend your physical NFTs in exchange for instant liquidity in the form of CurioStablecoinCoin (CSC) pegged to Swiss Franc.
These tokens allow investors to share in the profits if the value of the underlying cars increases, opening the door for everyone to be an investor of collectible assets.
Is 'to share in the profits' a term I dont know about?
Instant liquidity to any asset via the CurioStable Coin (CSC) pegged to CHF.


Ferrari F12tdf


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The CurioDAO Network provides firms and asset originators the digital tools to create a market for their real-world-assets (RWA) and intellectual property ()IP.
In 2019 CurioInvest was the first in the world to buy and tokenize a collectible rare car.
CurioInvest has now expanded to 9 asset classes.
Today we bring further liquidity via our open-sourced CurioDAO multichain protocol, a real-asset-backed stablecoin, and an AMM - all within one single experience.
The DApps provide multi-chain support on L1s and L2s, including Ethereum, SKALE & Polkadot, and plans to feature integrations with Chainlink, MakerDAO.

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