Meet the better way to tokenize anything, anywhere.

With CurioInvest you can unlock value from tangible and intangible assets.
Resell your asset to a new market segment entirely - or fractionally. Every asset may be used as a collateral for a loan or may be locked into DeFi to earn rewards. All from one ecosystem.
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What we enable...

Together we can build a new financial world.

Here's how...

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Curio Group provides firms and asset originators with digital tools to create a market for their RWA and IP. In 2019 we were the first in the world to tokenize a fine collectible rare car and have expanded to 9 asset classes since then. Today we bring further liquidity via open-sourced CurioDAO multichain protocol, a real-asset-backed stablecoin, and AMM within one single experience.
The DApps provide multi-chain support on L1s and L2s, including Ethereum, SKALE & Polkadot, and plans to feature integrations with Chainlink, MakerDAO, upcoming in-app fiat on-ramp, staking, and yield farming in-app which abstracts away complexity and allows users to earn yield from their real assets as easily as completing KYC - but for their object.

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An elite, multi-billion dollar industry - now accessible to everyone

Collectable cars have significantly outperformed other alternative asset classes in recent years, as illustrated by Knight Frank among other sources.
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Ferrari F12tdf

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Introducing Curio Governance Token (CGT)

Digital asset CGT has 2 main functions
Curio StableCoin Protocol Control via Curio DAO Voting Model.
CGT is used in the recapitalization of the Curio StableCoin Protocol to ensure its stability.

CGT Interchain Supported

Curio Governance Token will be supported in 2 blockchain networks: Ethereum and Curio parachain, connected to Kusama/Polkadot relay chain, and also move between them.

Initial Supply

100,000,000 CGT

of which 14.8M CGT is technically minted on Curio parachain

Token Type

ERC-20 compatible

with additional mint/burn functions to ensure the functioning of the Curio StableCoin Protocol
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Our Ecosystem...

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1. Rollapp

Rollapp enables users to earn income on their real assets, freeing up capital and allowing crypto investors to trade their way to diversify with a real asset portfolio. A marketplace enables the creation of physical NFTs as well as the direct investment into asset originators' real assets. Asset originators consign their real assets digitally, decreasing costs and, addressing key liquidity gaps.
Rollapp was part of the SKALE launch program with only five other players. Since then, Rollapp has been leading traction on the SKALE network, grown 2x in the last quarter and has integrated with Chainlink and MakerDAO.

2. CurioDAO Creator Protocol

A system that enables you to lend your physical NFTs in exchange for instant liquidity in the form of CurioStablecoinCoin (CSC) pegged to Swiss Franc.

3. CapitalDEX AMM leveraging new real-asset financing primitive

CurioDAO has created a new legal primitive for ownership and intellectual property (IP) ownership called Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs that allows communities to invest in real assets. Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs allow asset originators to rebalance without needing to sell early or auction their assets. Creating liquid real assets markets via autonomous algorithmic market makers and decentralized finance.

4. Communities

A community of Guardians, Audit Oracles, Physical Asset Pricing Oracles, Authenticators, and Appraisers collaborate to form knowledge groups in specific real asset areas e.g. fine art, rare cars, watches, gaming cartridges, sneakers, fine wine and more. Going forward these groups will be structured as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) which allow for community governance and shared financial decision-making. CurioDAO seeds DAOs in relevant asset areas, such as FerrariDAO, a growing community of 200+ members focused on scouting collectible Ferraris and that has funded >$1m in real assets across the world.
"We believe that CurioDAO is a category-defining project that will inspire a wave of innovators bringing the concept of collective ownership and liquid real asset markets into various areas of real-world assets. Ownership and IP rights represented as NFTs are a breakthrough innovation with the potential to solve liquidity for real assets."

Fernando Verboonen, MSc

CEO, co-founder

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